Megan Route of Syracuse and Marcos Saras of Arizona State University have been nominated as recipients of the 2022 Jim McKay Scholarship

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Meghan Root of Syracuse and Marco Salas of Arizona State will each receive a $ 10,000 Jim McKay scholarship. This is awarded by the NCAA to university athletes who are successful in sports communication and public relations activities or who want to contribute to this area.

Route, the forward of the Syracuse Women’s Soccer Team, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations this spring. Arizona State University football team’s aggressive lineman, Saras, graduated with a degree in sports journalism this spring.

The McKay Scholarship recognizes the excellent academic performance of student athletes and their potential to make a significant contribution to the sports communications industry. The scholarship was created in 2008 to honor pioneering sports journalist Jim McKay, and the winners were selected by the NCAA Walter Byers Scholarship Committee.


Megan route

Root averaged 3.95 points and was one of the three team captains during the fall 2021 senior season.

During the sophomore season, Route scored the team’s best three goals and finished the senior season with three goals and one assist. She was appointed Director of University Sports Information for one team in all districts of the American Academic in 2021.

In a scholarship application essay, Root states that his passion for football and writing began in early childhood. Her time at Syracuse helped her understand that she could combine those interests into her career.

The long-term goal of the route is to become the communication manager of the National Women’s Soccer League franchise and help the game grow. She is enrolled in a graduate school in South Florida to prepare herself, where she will earn a Master of Business Administration and an additional Master’s degree.

“This program will give me a deeper knowledge of the sports business and first-hand experience in the industry,” Root wrote in her application essay. “By gaining a better understanding of the sports business, we will make a concrete difference in professional women’s football and prepare the next generation of players to not have to endure today’s struggles.”

Her work in the classroom, coupled with her experience as a student athlete at Syracuse, has challenges such as changing coaching, falling rosters, and multiple hip / core surgeries to help her reach her goals. I taught you the elasticity you want.


Marco Saras

Saras was a walk-on who completed an undergraduate course with an average grade of 3.56 and contributed to the scout team during his football career.

He continues his graduate education in the Arizona State University Sports Law and Business Master Program.

His days as a student athlete showed how team defense can make a difference as a member of a scout team by helping them prepare for the next match. Saras also gained access to how the university’s track and field department works and has a long-term goal of becoming a sports information director.

“There are many other departments in college athletics that I’m interested in, such as training student athletes, running match days, and compliance,” Saras wrote in a McKay scholarship application essay. .. “The Media Relations Office is like a Swiss Army knife in a variety of positions, including previewing and summarizing games, keeping game statistics, creating feature articles, and setting up media interviews.”

In March, Saras was selected as a recipient of the NCAA Ethnic Minority Graduate School Scholarship. The NCAA Minority Opportunity and Interest Commission has awarded Saras $ 10,000 to help pay for her graduate studies.