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Scholarship winners will be announced during the presentation

San Mateo, California, May 31, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-The first paragraph of the release, the first sentence is: “… and, a major software development company in Colombia …” (“” … and, a major software development company in Colombia … “).

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Digital Transformation 4.0 and Later-Intelligent and Destructive for University Presentations

Scholarship winners will be announced during the presentation

IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) and Communications Workflow Automation provider, and, a leading Colombian software development company, will present their “Digital Transformation 4.0 & Beyond” presentation on June 9, 2022. Announced. At the University of Los Andes. At the end of the presentation, the two companies will announce the first student beneficiaries of the DevSavant Academy Scholarship.

Frank Fawzi, CEO of IntelePeer, said: “With so many companies still struggling with digital initiatives, the work of the technology industry is more important than ever, and the need for top technology talent is becoming more and more important. Why this phenomenon exists. I am excited to discuss with university students how to do it as an engineering. Students will play an important role in the next stage of digital. “

Ted Style Talk, Digital Transformation 4.0 & Beyond, focuses on organizations wondering what digital transformation is all about. Frank Fawzi will join Dev Savant CEO Daniel Peña and Universidad de Los Andes Engineering Dean Rubby Casallas to discuss why digital transformation is more than a transition to the cloud and “omni-channel” experiences. In addition, we explain why technology and engineering research is more important than ever.

“We have launched the DevSavant Academy program, which aims to expand the opportunities for thousands of talented young people in Colombia and Latin America through the support of scholarships at various formal educational institutions. We aim not only to pursue the growth of DevSavant, but also to give back to society by providing access to technical education, professional education and business education, “said Daniel Peña, CEO of DevSavant. doing.

The presentation ends with the official announcement of the DevSavant Academy Scholarship Winners. The scholarship provides a semester of tuition to students enrolled in the Engineering and Computer Science program at the Universidad de Los Andes. Through a rigorous application process, selected recipients demonstrate exceptional technical aptitude and financial needs. In addition to financial support, beneficiaries have the opportunity to participate in a US-based internship with Intel ePeer.

The presentation and awards ceremony will take place on June 9, 2022 at 10 am in the lecture hall SD_1003 of the University of Los Andeans.

About Intel ePeer

IntelePeer helps businesses engage with their customers by creating modern customer experiences from the cloud that power existing communication solutions in minutes. The platform is a workflow communication engine that provides voice automation, messaging, AI, and analytics management, a tool that helps businesses coordinate customer engagement without the need for developer resources. IntelePeer provides clients with out-of-the-box pre-built solutions and workflow-based build tools, with endless customization of dialogue and rich APIs, all built on the CPaaS platform for a more customized experience. To do. IntelePeer’s easy-to-use and intuitive no-code templates, low-code, co-creation, and turnkey communication options allow you to quickly gain customer value, regardless of your technical experience. For more information, please visit

About DevSavant

DevSavant Inc. is a software development company dedicated to supporting, transforming and expanding the products of Savant Growth’s portfolio companies. In line with Savant Growth’s mission to revolutionize the concept of smart capital, DevSavant focuses on providing quality service to our clients’ technical needs. By building a structure of trust and accountability, our technical professionals have the opportunity to extend our client team. Thanks to the adaptability and knowledge of our team, we have created the perfect synergy with our clients. Help them grow into capital-efficient, market-leading companies. For more information, please visit

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