American Airlines Announces New Business Class Suite, Drops First Class?


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Change is happening at American Airlines. There’s the outdated (and pretty hard to find) flagship first class, and new business class suites with privacy doors for every seat.

Well, that change isn’t in the air yet. But on Tuesday, American Airlines finally announced the delivery of the new Boeing 787-9, which it aims to launch its long-awaited new business class seats in 2024, and selected transcontinental flights on the new (and refurbished) Airbus A321. American Airlines plans to begin converting its Boeing 777-300ER flights into these new business class suites by late 2024, phasing out the eight-seat first class cabin entirely.

American will also introduce new premium economy seats across its long-haul fleet. But the brand new business class suite is the star of the show.

Whether it’s an American widebody jet flying somewhere far away or the new Airbus A321 Flying Cross Country, each new business seat features fully closing doors and sharp new finishes, soft wood grain, Brown leather, crimson pop. American Airlines pulls a page out of a Qatar Airways book that used the same seats in their new Boeing 787-9. Hawaiian Airlines also plans to use the same seats on its Dreamliner starting next year.

But it’s a major fleet refresh in American Airlines’ work, and the head of the Dallas-based airline after most other airlines ditched it in favor of flashier business class options. I finally nailed the coffin of distance first class seats.

Julie Rath, vice president of customer experience at American Airlines, said in a statement: “With the arrival of our new long-haul aircraft and customized seats in our Flagship Suite seats, her design allows our customers to enjoy a truly private premium experience on our long-haul flights.”

The new business class cabins on the 787 and 777-300ER are in a 1-2-1 configuration, with mid-section seats angled away from the aisle, giving all passengers direct aisle access. American also says each seat has a “chaise longue seating option,” increasing the chances of dining face-to-face with a companion at 35,000 feet.

American Airlines plans to demolish the first class cabin of its long-haul 777 to accommodate as many as 70 business class seats when renovations begin in late 2024. What does this mean for Flagship First Dining, an à la carte restaurant exclusively for First Class? Passengers in lounges like the Dallas flagship lounge?

aa business class suite

The flagship first class also appears to be disappearing from American Airlines’ transcontinental routes. Instead, American has installed nearly identical seats. These new cabins will house his 16 business class suites (20 on the Airbus A321XLR) one-to-one with him, giving all passengers direct aisle access.

aa a321 Business Class Suite

American will introduce all-new premium economy seats with wings on either side of the headrests for added privacy on all three aircraft. The airline said these new seats have twice the storage space available on previous seats introduced in 2016.

premium economy

Overall, American Airlines says it will increase its premium seat footprint by 45% by 2026, including a whopping 70 business class seats on its largest 777-300ER jet. This is in line with the airline industry’s renewed focus on catering to travelers who want a premium experience and want more seats, although there are many business class seats on one plane, he said. I’m here.


After months of rumors, American Airlines has officially pulled back its newest business class and premium economy seats.

All images courtesy of American Airlines