Best educational apps on Android in 2022

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Learning something new is a popular yearly goal for self-development, and it’s no surprise. It’s an integral part of life and can help propel you to a bigger and better career. With a smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook that can run Android apps, it’s even easier to grow your knowledge from anywhere. It becomes. The different education choices in today’s roundup prove that learning something new doesn’t have to take years or thousands of dollars.



Learning a new language can open up a whole new world for everyone. This language learning app has 19 options for beginner and intermediate levels. Languages ​​include Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, and Yoruba. Each session guides you through new words and phrases to familiarize you with their pronunciation and spelling. Additionally, you can track the words you learn and review them as needed.

Memrise is free and ad-supported. However, if you would like to remove ads and unlock all content and features such as “Learn with Locals”, a subscription option is available. With this feature, you can access thousands of videos by native speakers and test at the end of each video. Luckily, the free account also has a similar “Immerse” section. Every day you get a new stream of short video clips with subtitles and you can switch between your native and learning languages. However, these clips do not include knowledge checks.


The app’s mission is to make learning fun with rewards, multiple exercise types, and unlockable stories. Choose from 40 languages ​​including Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Latin, Indonesian, Welsh, Klingon, and Zulu. Before starting each lesson, you can view helpful hints and hear how the key word is pronounced. Speaking and listening are two of the most beneficial exercises. Plus, you’ll earn gems, XP, and badges as you progress.

There is also a heart system to keep things in balance. Free account with ads, starting with 5 daily. You lose a heart for each wrong answer. However, you can recover lost hearts by practicing previous material or waiting for them to be replenished every 5 hours. A subscription plan that adds extra perks like progress tracking and the ability to test from any level. As a bonus, Duolingo also has an app for kids that teaches them how to read.


This app is a great option if you want to increase your math, science, or computer science knowledge. Topics include logic and deduction, algebra, mathematical thinking, geometry, statistics and probability, contest mathematics, calculus, and advanced mathematics. Each lesson includes guided interactive exercises, helpful tips, and detailed explanations to analyze even the most complex topics.

Brilliant is free and ad-free, but there are limits to how much you can learn in each area. You can only preview each course (some courses offer more free lessons than others). This is great for personal use, but professional development or educational use requires a monthly or yearly subscription. Subscription unlocks all courses, all daily challenges, and offline mode.

khan academy

Like Brilliant, this app targets math, science, and computing. In addition, you can study Economics, Arts and Humanities, Reading and Languages, and Life Skills. We also offer preparation for the SAT, LSAT, Praxis Core Math, Praxis Core Writing, Praxis Core Reading, and MCAT. Khan Academy is completely free and contains no ads.

You can choose as many courses as you like, each divided into lessons. Each lesson includes video instructions, practice questions, and unit tests. Some courses also include quizzes. Tips and step-by-step instructions are also available if you get stuck. We also have a free Khan Academy Kids app for ages 2-she’s 8 (preschool through her sophomore year). We offer educational lessons, activities, books and games that your child will love.


When it comes to career advancement, this app is one of the best in its league. EdX offers over 3,000 well-organized courses, programs, and degrees from leading universities and institutions around the world. Most courses offer two tracks: Verified (paid) and Audit (free). One-time fees for Verified Tracks vary from course to course, typically between $50 and $300. Paying this fee unlocks unlimited access to course materials, a verified certificate of completion, and access to graded assignments and exams.

When auditing a course, you have access to reading materials, video lectures (which you can download to your device), ungraded exercises (if available), and discussion forums. You have access to course materials only for the duration of the course. However, you have the option to upgrade if needed. Must be done before the Validation Upgrade deadline. However, not all content is optimized for mobile apps and some content may direct you to his web browser.

Simple Earn

Focused on preparing for a promotion, new job, or new career, this ad-free app offers a variety of courses, online boot camps, professional certifications, and graduate programs. Its top categories include software development, data science, digital marketing, project management, DevOps, and quality management. All content is free, including the certificate you receive upon completion.

Many courses are short and can be completed in just a few hours. Plus, all lessons can be downloaded and viewed offline, making learning on the go convenient. Simplilearn’s “SkillUp Bytes” section is also useful, especially if you’re short on time. These knowledge-enhancing videos are under 60 seconds and new videos are added daily. Other valuable resources available in the app include articles, downloadable ebooks, and webinars.


This app is perfect for those who want to focus on computer programming, data science, or web development. Free to use with ad support. However, with a Pro account you can unlock unlimited practice lessons, remove ads, and set daily learning goals, among others: Python, C++, Java, C#, Kotlin, R, Go, PHP, Ruby, Swift. You can choose from 17 programming languages, including 4.

Anyone can create a project and share it within the app. Whether you share or view the project, you can see and edit the exact code used. By tweaking the code, you can add your own neat twist to other people’s projects. And vice versa. In addition to seeing what others have come up with, she can also challenge herself to coding challenges with other Sololearn users to test her knowledge and see how she stacks up on public leaderboards.

Also only

With this coding app, you can go even further by enrolling in our 6-month Certified Development Program for a one-time fee of $499/month or $2,899. The 20-hour weekly program is delivered remotely and includes one-on-one mentoring and code reviews. Get support in the hiring process with career coaching and interview preparation. In addition to this advanced program, you can use the Mimo app for free to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL.

The app contains ads, but you can upgrade to Pro to remove ads and access our entire library of passes, projects and challenges. Plus, you’ll receive more challenging exercises, unlimited coding playgrounds, and a certificate when you complete a coding pass. The Playground feature allows you to choose a template, create a project (Python or JavaScript program, website, or React app) and publish it on the web.

You don’t have to wait until early next year to set your educational goals.

There are dozens of apps to satisfy everyone’s interests, some of which even make up some of the best on Android. It’s never a bad time to start a new career path, improve your skills, or learn a new language. Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your couch at home, while traveling, or standing in the grocery line. So what’s next on your list to learn?