Bulldogs draw 3:00 kickoff for Texas A&M visit

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The Southeastern Conference announced its lineup for game time on October 1, with Mississippi State kicking off at 3:00 against Texas A&M. West Division matches will air on the SEC network.

It’s also the middle day of Mississippi’s three-week home stand, which begins this Saturday at 11 a.m. and Bowling Green visits Scott Field. On October 8, the entire season of home his games will come to an end when the Bulldogs have another division guest in Arkansas. It’s part of the college’s annual Homecoming Weekend, and game times will be announced next Monday.

There are five conference games on the October 1 schedule, three of which are West-on-West matches. Besides the Aggies-at-Bulldogs contest, Alabama is in Arkansas. Auburn’s LSU. And of course, State’s next two opponents this weekend are in Arkansas, where he faces Texas A&M.

First, Mississippi (2:1, 0:1 SEC) has non-meeting businesses that need your attention. The Bulldogs came back hurt from his first SEC trip and his 31-16 loss at LSU. The final margin doesn’t show how the state had a full 3rd quarter lead and he led 13-0 just minutes before halftime.

Late in the third period, State’s botched punt inside the 10-yard line turned the scoreboard upside down, but the loss was due to an inability to extend the lead. The Bulldogs also had some great opportunities, but their offense just stalled and their gritty defense wore off. Possessions were shorter in that third quarter as well, giving him an advantage on the field in his position and possession time.

as a quarterback Will Rogers “Even if you don’t score points, you have to move the ball.”coach Mike Leach His team had its moments during the SEC move, but they weren’t outnumbered or often poorly put together to maintain control.

“We play hard,” Leach said. “You have to be consistent, especially against a team like that.” The inconsistency was also part of the previous game, but it’s not enough to keep the Bulldogs from beating non-conference clubs Memphis and Arizona. It wasn’t enough, it clearly wasn’t enough.

By the weekend, this upcoming game appeared to be slated for a walkover win by the hosts Dogs. This has changed significantly. One obvious reason is that countries now feel a sense of urgency to address their own problems, whether they are known problems (especially the Special Teams’ gaffes) or problems exposed in SEC actions. is to have So the idea of ​​dealing with this quickly and he exhausting his reserves for the September turn can be banished for the time being.

The Bulldogs should use this to recalibrate their national team ahead of the looming league stretch.

“But he’s also good at teaching and learning from the mistakes we make. And so will Coach Arnett (defensive coordinator). But they’re not playing outside. we are.”

Another motivation for this weekend is the opponents. This is also a recent change. Bowling Green (1-2) opened with his 45-17 loss at UCLA, and at home to Eastern Kentucky he lost 59-57 in seven overtime games. Still, the Falcons not only bounced back, but by just one overtime he took the visiting Marshalls by surprise, 34-31. This was the same Marshall force that had surprised Notre Dame at South Bend a week earlier.

That’s right, instead of dwelling more on the homestand for upcoming SEC contests, Mississippi State’s attention remains on the upcoming game week.