Business Matters: River of Life Mission

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Honolulu (KHON2) – It’s a process that repeats almost all day every day in the River of Life mission.

Working in Chinatown’s kitchens, these caring hands prepare food for nearly 1,000 people each day. This has actually declined due to the pandemic, where he was closer to 1,300.

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Paul Gates, Executive Director, River of Life Mission, said: We always want to provide the best meals possible, and we provide all meals and food items that we donate. So you never know what you will be cooking from one day to the next. ”

The River of Life Mission has been helping those in need for 35 years.

“I always think of the homeless and at River of Life Mission we call them guests. And we love serving their guests and helping those in need. , the meat is getting bigger and bigger.

Gates said his top priority in serving “guests,” as he calls them, is to get to know them as people.

It all starts with three simple questions. What is your name? may I assist you? And tell us about your family.

Gates explains: With so many people forced to live on the streets due to small rifts with their families, we’re actually doing a lot of work behind the scenes to help people reconnect with their families. It’s really something new that we’re doing here at River of Life. ”

Although not related by blood, the family behind the scenes of River of Life are steadfast in their goal of helping those in need.

Shervelle Gardner, General Manager of the River of Life Mission, said: I worked for another real estate company where she worked for 15 years and loved my job. ”

But after applying to the River of Life, Gardner said everything changed.

“And I’ve been here for about 30 years.”

KHON2 asked, “How do you feel doing what you do on a daily basis?”

Gardner replied: It’s just part of my life. ”

Hot meals were the main course of the mission, but it’s also focused on giving people the tools they need to rebuild the foundation on which they’re built.

Gates said, “The structure collapses and people are forced to live on the streets. One of the really tragic things about living on the streets is isolation. You’re isolated from your community, you’re isolated from your conversation. This is what we have now and this is what we were built for.”

“It’s really hard to get back on track, especially if it lasts a long time,” Gates continued.

Gates said the organization does not discriminate against anyone and that he feels more fulfilled each time he serves every meal he serves.

Gates said, ‘Howard, it’s amazing that you tell me to put my head on the pillow every night. I know I did something to help someone every day.

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Gates concludes: If you are listening You can volunteer and you can support us and you will put your head on the pillow every night knowing you are helping someone in need. that’s what we love. ”