C-V2X Technologies Transforming Intelligent Transportation: Qualcomm Report

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San Diego – Connected vehicle technology, known as cellular-vehicle-to-everything technology (C-V2X), has the potential to bring transformative benefits to road safety, increase environmental sustainability and create new jobs. increase. we, Qualcomm It’s claimed today in a new white paper, “C-V2X: The New Era of Smart Transportation.” usaA new report describes the breakthrough power of C-V2X and raises the question that regulatory delays are hampering its deployment.

C-V2X is designed to allow vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, infrastructure, and vulnerable road users (such as pedestrians and cyclists) without going through the cellular network.

Implementing C-V2X and wireless technology in transportation has significant public benefits, such as reducing traffic accidents, improving trip planning, transportation choice, and transportation efficiency. All of this inevitably leads to reduced fuel consumption. Examples of these benefits include real-time route guidance to avoid traffic jams, adjusting vehicle dynamics for optimal speed with reduced braking and idling to increase fuel usage, and providing additional travel options. and personal mobility services.

Benefits expected from C-V2X also include:

– Avoiding up to 10,000 deaths per year

– Avoiding up to 800,000 injuries per year

– up to 2,800,000 fewer damaged vehicles per year,

– to $12.6 billion Fewer damaged vehicles means savings over the year.

“When vehicles are connected to everything around them, drivers and infrastructure can communicate to make travel safer: fewer collisions, less congestion, and lower emissions. ” Jim MiznerSenior Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. “Due to its many social benefits, automakers and the public sector are showing strong interest in deploying C-V2X.”

“The economic gains will be substantial,” he said. Kirti GuptaVice President of Technology and Economic Strategy, Qualcomm“C-V2X will create an estimated 120,000 we Work to develop new products, applications, services and smart infrastructure. These benefits will come to people in all economic sectors, geographies and skill levels, but they can only begin to be realized once. FCC Grant pending waivers overwhelmingly supported by the auto industry. ”

The white paper calls on the federal government to develop a nationwide C-V2X deployment plan, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approves a waiver request for the implementation of C-V2X in the 5.9 GHz band. The report notes that automakers, state transportation departments, metropolitan planning organizations, and local agencies are keen to deploy connected car technology.But moving forward towards C-V2X we It was bogged down by regulatory obstacles. Meanwhile, other countries are increasing their investments in this important technology.

infrastructure investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provide a unique opportunity to modernize the country’s infrastructure. $1 trillion Gupta said: “States, provinces, and local governments will have to think creatively about how to use this funding to implement C-V2X.”

Read the white paper and learn more about how Qualcomm and C-V2X technology are revolutionizing transportation here.

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