Chery Holding launches Yaoguang 2025 strategy, pouring over 100 billion yuan into R&D over five years


Beijing (Gusgou)- Chery Holding exhibited the GENE electric concept car and Yaoguang 2025, a new technology development strategy, at the Yaoguang 2025 Chery Technology Day on September 16th.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the automaker’s founding, Chery Holding has introduced and implemented an innovative technology development strategy consisting of four key focus areas.

Chery Holding launches Yaoguang 2025 strategy, pouring over 100 billion yuan into R&D over five years

Photo credit: Chery Holding

Specifically, the Mars Architecture, which includes two major technologies: the Platform Architecture and the EEA Electronic and Electrical Architecture. Among these, the platform architecture is based on the internals of the mass production generation, development generation, and pre-development generation, and covers vehicles from the A segment to the C segment. Chery Holding’s production architecture now includes a hybrid his platform, his T2X platform. The E0X platform and high-end intelligent electric platform are also currently under development. Skateboard electric and multi-function interchangeable body platforms are pre-development.

Electronic and electrical architectures in production include EEA 4.0 and regional centralized control, while EEA 5.0 architecture and computer + regional controllers are under development, and EEA 6.0 architecture and complete vehicle computers will also be ready. -research.

The second core technology is Kunpeng Power, which covers various power technology routes such as hybrid engine, hybrid box, electric drive, battery and hydrogen power. Among them, the 5th generation hybrid engine consumes 4.5L of fuel and 12kWh of electricity per 100km under refueling conditions. In total, the hybrid has a range of more than 1,300km, while the all-electric range is more than 700km. In hybrid mode, 0-100km/h acceleration he can do in 4.9 seconds, but pure electric performance drops to the 3-second level. The maximum thermal efficiency of the engine is over 44%. Moreover, the maximum active power conversion efficiency of hydrogen fuel cell systems exceeds 60%.

The third target technology, Lion Intelligence, covers two main areas: smart cockpits and intelligent driving. Smart When it comes to her cockpit, Chery aims to create a cockpit that focuses on design, intelligence, emotion, and humanized functionality. Regarding intelligent driving, the company builds on her Chery Pliot R&D concept to create a user-centric automated driving technology system. and continuous experience.

Last but not least, Chery Holdings plans to strengthen the Galaxy ecosystem with a “1+3+N” approach. Specifically, each car model should consist of three technologies he supports, including an intelligent cloud platform, smart data, upgrades and numerous partners in the ecosystem.

At the event, Chery Holdings simultaneously launched the “Yaoguang Laboratory” with the aim of developing and working on related technologies and building a new automotive ecosystem.

To achieve the above goals, Chery Holdings will invest more than 100 billion yuan in R&D in the next five years, train more than 20,000 R&D talents, establish 300 Yaoguang research institutes, and develop interdisciplinary science and We plan to support research into crossover technology.

In addition, Chery Automobile will also simultaneously deploy six R&D centers in Wuhu, Shanghai, North America, South America, Europe and Central Asia, fully supporting the realization of the Group’s Yaoguang 2025 plan with global integrated management.

During the event, Chery Holdings also showcased various achievements in new energy and intelligent technology fields, including smart flying cockpits. The cockpit was developed by Chery based on the analysis and forecast of the multi-dimensional upgrade of new generation users’ cockpit functional requirements in the coming years.

Chery Holding launches Yaoguang 2025 strategy, pouring over 100 billion yuan into R&D over five years

Photo credit: Chery Holding

Inside the cockpit, a 2-seater layout with Chery’s unique variable wheelbase is adopted. When the cockpit is at its maximum wheelbase, the driver is level with the rear seats and can interact with the rear seat occupants, giving users an enhanced driving experience. The cockpit also adopts ultra-large OLED screen technology with a thickness of only 7mm, bringing users a more interesting and intelligent driving experience.

Additionally, Chery Holding unveiled the avant-garde, futuristic GENE concept car for the first time.

Chery Holding launches Yaoguang 2025 strategy, pouring over 100 billion yuan into R&D over five years

Photo credit: Chery Holding

GENE has demonstrated the unique design power of a Chinese independent auto brand in multiple dimensions such as design, experience and ecosystem. In particular, Chery’s own Galaxy ecosystem and the support of many advanced technologies, Gene has successfully conceptualized the connection between the Metaverse and the cars of the future.

Additionally, the automaker revealed that Chery EXEED will launch its first premium battery-electric midsize sedan, the E03, in the fourth quarter of 2023. This model is built on Huawei’s smart BEV platform with his cockpit.

Powered by CATL’s latest Kirin battery, the E03 offers a pure electric range of over 700km. The new model supports the fast charging function and can charge a range of 200km in a 10 minute charging session. When it comes to intelligence, the E03 has highway and city NOP capabilities.