Children cheering as they put their feet up on the seat and draw on the white socks of the passengers on the plane

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Airplane passengers have been accused online of putting their feet on the front seat, with Redditors calling the move “awful.”

User ThePuzzleax reposted an image he found on social media on August 30 to Reddit’s r/JusticeServed forum.

“Don’t put your feet in the front seat,” ThePuzzleax wrote next to the image, and the post received over 23,000 upvotes and almost 1,000 comments.

hell is another passenger

A survey by found that 92% of Americans don’t enjoy air travel. A survey of 4,000 passengers revealed that some aspects of air travel are disliked more than others, and that for many, fellow passengers are a problem.

Half of respondents said the pre-boarding process (such as check-in and security procedures) was the most anxiety-inducing part of their trip, and 28% said booking a flight was the most stressful part. I was.

But other travelers were also a source of tension. 39.3% were afraid of being stuck next to someone coughing, 28% were afraid of an attendant with bad body odor, and 13.6% were worried about sitting next to an overweight person.

Still, these concerns haven’t stopped vacationers from taking to the skies again.There were 583,584 flights in June 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. While not as high as the pre-pandemic 679,802 (June 2019), it is up from 236,000 in June 2020 and 565,000 in June 2021.

Stock photo of a girl holding a pen over a coloring book while looking out the window of an airplane. A Reddit user agreed that it’s disrespectful to put your feet on someone else’s seat while flying. I was reacting to the photo I saw coloring the .
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A Reddit user agreed that it would be disrespectful to put your feet on the back of another passenger’s seat.

“Karma,” said Small_Hawk3640.

“Of course,” agreed ralph__wiggum_.

jbsgc99 commented, “Don’t get in other people’s spaces, champs.”

“What is Kid’s Venmo?” asked Turn The Win. “I would like to thank him for his service.”

Nonetheless, there was some debate about proper airplane etiquette.

“It’s normal to take your shoes off on international flights,” said nerdcost. “It’s abnormal to put shoesless feet in someone’s personal space.”

Cheeky_sailor disagreed with this, writing: I’m sorry about you. ”

Meanwhile, CaliforniaNavyDude shared advice for dealing with errant legs if you’re traveling by air.

“There are so many options for dealing with this rudeness,” he said.

“I’m a fan of spilled water. Everyone hates the feeling of wet socks. If you end up barefoot as a result, take a sip of water and take a wet sneeze.”

Newsweek I asked u/ThePuzzleax for comment. Details of the incident could not be confirmed.

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