Cowherd says Dak Prescott is on par with Kirk Cousins

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teeth Dak Prescott Not built for prime time? Colin Cowherd I do not think so.

The host of “The Herd” was very critical of the Cowboys’ starting QB after Cooper Rush’s win against Cincinnati on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Young recalled his time as a veteran QB, and when Steve Bono replaced him through injury, there was significant introspection for future Hall of Famers to do in light of Bono’s efficiency. It revealed that.

“Remember when Steve Bono took over and went in and attacked?” Young said via ESPN. “Just do your job. Nothing fancy. Just do your job. And that really taught me what I needed to repeat to myself. I told him Cooper I really want you to study Rush.Please help Duck when he comes back.”

Some of Prescott’s supporters did not view the comments as constructive criticism.

Steve Young: Duck Should Study Cooper Rush

Colin Cowherd responds to Steve Young’s comments about Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush.

“Oh, a fanboy came out of the woodworking shop!” Cowherd said. “[Prescott] You can’t beat a good team since your rookie year when you easily achieved the best running game and O-line in the league. This is his career against Dak Prescott’s playoff team: 12-21, and he had enough weapons by this year. Ah, that’s actually what I’ve compared him to over the last few years.

“Look at their career numbers. They’re the same. Completion percentage, yards per game, passer rating, TD-INT ratio. They’re the same player Btw Duck has two offensive coaches and that’s important Dallas has been supporting them since day one Kirk Cousins, they hated him in Washington . .”

Those are fair points, and Young’s can’t be ignored either.

But FOX Sports Cowboys writer David Helman thinks the idea that Prescott should study Rush is ludicrous.

“It’s patronizing to assume that Dak Prescott, the guy who threw for 4,900 yards in this league, the guy who threw for 37 touchdowns last year, doesn’t know how to go from lead 1 to lead 3,” Hermann said. argued in Wednesday’s edition of “speaking”. “If anything, if you want to give constructive criticism to Dak Prescott, sometimes you think he’s over-handling, sometimes you think he’s putting pressure on you.”

Steve Young suggests Dak Prescott should study Cowboys backup QB Cooper Rush

Steve Young suggests Dak Prescott should study Cowboys backup QB Cooper Rush

Emmanuel Acho, Joy Taylor, LeSean McCoy and David Hellman discuss advice from Steve Young to Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott.

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