Detroit Digital Inclusion Week in October Focuses on Youth and Small Businesses


Michigan Chronicle
September 16, 2022

Can Detroit become a national model for digital inclusion? The organizers of Detroit Digital Inclusion Week say yes! And he’s ready to kick off his five days of events, workshops, and panels aimed at connecting more Detroiters than ever before.

In the last few years we have made great strides. It has brought tens of thousands of computers, affordable internet access, digital literacy training, and jobs to Detroit. But we still have a lot of work to do,” said Joshua Edmonds, director of digital inclusion in Detroit. “In the coming months, we will begin building a fiber optic internet infrastructure in our city, which will open the door for continued growth and countless new opportunities.”

Digital Inclusion Week Annual campaign to highlight digital inclusion efforts and promote digital equity nationwide. Detroit will be one of 56 communities across the nation to mark his October 3-7 Digital Inclusion Week with activities and programs designed to celebrate, connect, educate and energize. .

Why Digital Inclusion Week is important: 30% of Detroiters don’t have internet access at home, so they can’t find information or access important resources that have moved online.

At a time when the internet is becoming more and more part of everyday life, lack of digital access means fewer employment options, less learning opportunities and little to no access to remote healthcare. . Bridging the digital divide improves the quality of life for all, resulting in stronger, more sustainable communities and stronger cities for all of us.

The event runs daily from 11am to 4pm in various places. Below is the event schedule, location, and theme for each day.

First day – leadership and policy

  • Where: Wayne State University Student Center, 5221 Galen Mall, Detroit
  • Content: Keynote panel discussion Eric Frederick, Michigan’s new Chief Connectivity Officer, and Detroit’s Director of Digital Inclusion, Joshua Edmonds, kicks off the week. Also the CEO Action Group. Apple Developer Academy and C313 Community Organizer. more.

the 2nd day – academic research symposium

  • Location: Wayne State University McGregor Conference Center, 495 Gilmore Mall, Detroit
  • What: New this year, a dozen academic experts will review the past decade of digital inclusion and highlight contemporary initiatives through presentations, workshops, panels and roundtables. Speakers will cover topics such as digital equity and inclusion, supporting children in the classroom, and creating digitally accessible neighborhoods.

Third day – Focus on small businesses

  • Location: Ford Resource and Engagement Center, East, 15491 Maddelein St., Detroit, MI
  • What: TechTown, Invest Detroit, Apple Developer Academy and more offer a day of learning, growth and opportunity in the digital space.

Day 4 – connected community

  • Location: Ford Resource and Engagement Center, East, 15491 Maddelein St., Detroit, MI
  • What: The day will host a range of free digital empowerment workshops for anyone looking to develop their digital skills while navigating the detours of the internet safely and confidently.

Day 5 – The Future is NOW: Engaging Youth in Meaningful Ways:

  • Location: Fisher Magnet Upper School next to FREC East (15491 Maddelein St., Detroit)
  • This day offers a way to engage children with STEM education, IT careers and the many opportunities in the digital world.

This is Detroit’s fourth annual event. Connect 313 and Detroit Digital Inclusion Week are supported by the City of Detroit, Microsoft, Rocket Companies, and the United Way of Southeast Michigan. All events are free and open to the public. Digital Inclusion Week to register.