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LONDON, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today disguise announces the launch of disguise Cloud – A new suite of cloud-enabled applications for the media and entertainment industry. Available in our free Starter Plan, disguise Cloud is built to enable end-to-end remote collaboration across your M&E productions. Whether it’s a simple video playback or a complex project with 3D files, disguise Cloud makes collaboration easy by seamlessly connecting remote clients to technical operators and set directors.

Niall Thompson, head of cloud solutions at disguise, said: We know that an ambitious piece of work, such as Rose, his LED volumes in the biggest films and his VFX studio, live graphics for Eurosport, MTV and ITV, wouldn’t be possible without his team remotely working together. . ”

A challenge many remote teams face is having to navigate between different companies’ cloud-based tools. The result is often duplicate files, multiple monthly subscriptions, and disjointed workflows. With disguise Cloud, this process is greatly facilitated by giving teams all the apps they need to store high-res media, preview, review, tag content, and add comments to projects in one platform. is simplified to

Disguise Cloud not only makes it easier to collaborate across time zones, it also makes sharing media files more secure with built-in passphrase protection, multi-factor authentication, expiration links, and watermark support. For creatives, that means less time worrying about potential IP data leaks and more time focusing on iterating creative ideas.

The cloud platform offers a unified disguise login, one-click access to all disguise’s cloud services, and is the ultimate software for visualizing, designing and sequencing projects from concept to showtime. You can also access the disguise Designer software. Cloud Login offers multi-factor authentication as a standard for added security, allowing users to access disguise Cloud using their existing social login credentials.

Another major application available at launch is disguise Drive. This is a web-based storage space where teams can securely upload and review all project media. disguise Drive supports image, video, and 3D file formats such as .fbx, glTF, .obj, and sorts files by file type, recently added, or other custom parameters with just a few clicks. There are smart folders that help you organize.

“We are very proud to open this new chapter in the evolution of disguise. By expanding the scope of disguise, we can unlock the future of collaboration in the M&E industry.The variety of tools we are deploying in our cloud strategy demonstrates disguise’s maturity as an integration platform,” said disguise. CEO Fernando Küfer said.

See what disguise Clouds users are saying about the platform

“For me, the biggest value of disguise Cloud is the ability to view and collaborate on content with remote teams. Being able to view different file formats and codecs without having to download or convert them saves a lot of time. This tool could be a Rosetta stone for content in many forms.The team disguise has assembled for this product has the vision and experience to build tools that extend our creativity. We have,” said Troy Fujimura, Head of Design and Technology at Centerstage.

“disguise Cloud presents the future of collaboration and innovation. Having access to an asynchronous cloud-based platform is the future of how we work and communicate visually.” Nick Libero, Co-Founder of Meptic

price and availability

disguise Cloud is available from the free starter plan. This plan includes up to 3 seats of disguise Drive, 10 GB of storage, and access to disguise Designer software.

Cloud subscription tier

Starter – $0 per seat (1 drive, 10 GB storage, up to 3 users)

Pro – $49 per month per seat (3 drives, 100 GB storage/account, up to 10 users)

Studio – $99 per seat/month (10 drives, 1 TB storage/account, up to 25 users)

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About disguise

disguise is a platform for imagining, creating and delivering spectacular visual experiences. Award-winning Augmented Reality (xR) solutions for over 600 applications including live entertainment for music artists such as Katy Perry and Billie Eilish, film and episodic TV productions for Netflix and Amazon Prime, and corporate presentations for Siemens and Verizon. It has underpinned immersive real-time production. Watch live Eurosport, MTV and ITV programming in over 50 countries.

With a growing global partner network and working with the world’s most talented visual designers and technical teams for live events, broadcast television, film, concert tours, theatre, fixed installations, corporate and entertainment events, disguise brings the next generation building a collaborative work. Tools that help artists and technologists bring their visions to life.

Winner of Emmy and Queen’s Enterprise Awards for Engineering, Science and Technology: Innovation, Disguise is backed by investment firm The Carlyle Group, with a minority stake held by Epic Games.

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