Draeger Safety UK combines the latest in gas detection portfolio with reliability and new connectivity technology.


Bryce, England, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Safety and medical technology leader DraegerSafety UK today launches the new mobile gas detector X-am 2800, adding to its extensive safety and gas detection portfolio.

With over 100 years of gas detection expertise, Dräger has developed a new instrument that can measure up to 4 different gases simultaneously. The device can be used in confined spaces to protect employees working in areas with risk of oxygen depletion or explosive atmospheres. Or where toxic substances may be present.

An integrated Bluetooth connection enables real-time transfer of live gas readings and alerts to Dräger’s Gas Detection Connect cloud solution. This allows you to securely access your important data anytime, anywhere through your internet browser.

Adam PopeDraeger Safety UK’s Marketing Manager for Mobile Gas Measurement commented: A reliable and robust product. ”

As mobile gas detectors are worn on the body, robustness is key to functional reliability. The X-am 2800 has been independently drop tested to withstand drops of over 2 meters onto concrete. This is a result of its resilient design.

Another important advantage of the X-am 2800 is its suitability for use in damp environments. As part of its development, the X-am has been tested to Class 68, which measures the device’s resistance to dust. water. This is particularly useful for both the utility and energy industries, and when combined with support and service delivery, X-am offers a total mobile gas solution.

In addition, the cloud-connected Dräger X-dock test station provides efficient fleet management and automates the detector testing and calibration process. All data regarding testing, calibration and device event history are automatically transferred and reported to Gas Detection Connect, ensuring the consistency, reliability and accuracy of your personal equipment.

Adam Pope “Our research shows that the introduction of new technologies, including the use of connectivity, offers considerable opportunities to improve workplace safety through advancements such as real-time monitoring using systems such as the Dräger Gas Detection Connect. It is shown. It keeps our employees safe.”

“The new X-am will contribute to the sustainability of the company both directly in relation to reduced packaging and rugged long-life sensors, and indirectly through compatibility with existing X-am accessories. We support our goals.”

See this link for more information on the X-am 2800.

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