Eagles Stats: unprecedented achievements like Jalen Hurts

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In this week’s Roob’s Eagles Stats, we take a look at Jalen Hurts’ ridiculous stats, the rarity of a scoreless second half, big-time offensive numbers, and more.

1. There have been plenty of talented dual-threat quarterbacks in recent years, but none have done what Jalen Hurts did Monday night. He became the first quarterback in NFL history to rush for five touchdowns. The previous most accurate performance by a quarterback in a game in which he rushed his two TDs was his 82% game off the Broncos’ Jake Plummer against the Colts in 2003. 330 yards in one game. Among others who have done it are Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Johnny Unitas.Finally, Hurts combined passing and rushing in his 21 appearances. and he gained 5,842 yards. This is the 12th most in NFL history, and as a quarterback he has started 21 times.

2. The Eagles gained 455 yards against the Lions and 486 against the Vikings. It is only the second time in franchise history that he has gained 450 yards each in his first two games. Oddly enough, it also happened in 2012 when he started the season in much the same way, with 456 yards in a win over the Browns and 486 yards in a win over the Ravens. They went 2-12 the rest of the year. The Eagles are also only the second team in NFL history in his first two weeks of the season to have him gain over 900 yards on a single TD pass. The 1980 Lions did it too.

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3. Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson have played 29 games together since early 2020, Jefferson’s rookie year, and Monday night’s total of 65 yards (Jefferson’s 48, Cook’s 17) The previous lowest was 71 last year in a 37-10 loss to the Packers at Lambeau Field (Jefferson 58, Cook 13). Cook, who has three appearances in the Pro Bowl, has played in 58 games so far, but has had less yards on two occasions. He went 9-12 in Chicago in 2018 and 9-13 in Green Bay last year.

Four. This was the first scoreless second half in an Eagles game in 20 years. The last time the Eagles scored or gave no points after halftime was on December 1, 2002, in a 10–3 win over the Rams at the vet. Since 1977, he has only scored seven scoreless second half games for the Eagles. The Eagles have only played one scoreless first half in the last 25 years. -0.

Five. The Eagles’ 379 rushing yards is the most in two games in 41 years. In 1981, they started the season with 398 rushing yards in wins over the Giants and Patriots. They are the sixth team in NFL history to record at least 375 rushing yards and 550 passing yards after two weeks.

6. With TD drives of 82, 82 and 85 yards, it was the first time in nine years that the Eagles had three touchdown drives over 80 yards in the same game. The last time that happened was in 2013 in Oakland when he scored seven touchdowns in his game in a 49-20 victory over the Raiders. They had TD drives of 82, 85 and 94 yards against the Raiders.

7. The Dallas Goudart picked up where they left off last year when it came to yards per target. He leads his NFL overall with 14.2 yards per target, and for 142 yards he catches 8 of 10 targets. Gedelt last year put him fifth in the league and first in tight his ends with 10.9 yards per target. His 11.3 yards per target since opening day last year put him over 1.5 yards more than any other tight end.George Kittle with his 9.7 he’s second, followed by Rob Gronkowski [9.0]Mark Andrews [8.9]Kyle Pitts [8.9] and Travis Kelce [8.6].

8. It was Hearts’ third career game with 300 passing yards and 50 rushing yards. Only four in NFL history have more quarterbacks than him: Steve Young (8), Joshua Allen (5), Russell Wilson (4) and Michael Vick (4). All four of his 300–50 games for Vick have been with the Eagles. Other Eagles QBs in the 300-50 game are Donovan McNabb and Randall Cunningham (2 each), Carson Wentz and Bobby Hoying (1 each).

9. One more sore: His 26-yard TD run was the longest by an Eagles quarterback since Donovan McNabb had a 40-yarder against the Giants at the vet in 2002. This is the Eagles’ QB. Randall Cunningham had 52 yards in the 1990 Vets against the Patriots and 33 yards against the Oilers in 1988. Surprisingly, Michael Vick’s longest TD run as an Eagle was just 17 yards. I lied – one final pain stat: He has 6 games already with 10 carries and a 5.0 average. Only eight have QBs.

Ten. The second half of the Eagles’ three interceptions made this the Eagles’ first home game in six years with three INTs. Against the Giants in 2016, Malcolm Jenkins scored his two INTs and Terrence Brooks scored his one off Eli his Manning. The last time the Eagles chose his three passes in the second half of a home game was in 2004, when in the second half of his 30-8 win over the Panthers at the rink, Jake actually made DeLorme. He chose 4 times. Lito Shepherd had two, Dani Jones one, and Rod Hood one. It’s been three years since the Eagles scored two of his INTs in the quarter. It was his 2019 opener in Atlanta, with Ronald Darby and Nate Jerry beating Matt his Ryan in the third quarter at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.