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Jalen Hurts and Carson Wentz seem to have a mutual respect for each other, even as they seek to mutually guarantee the destruction of their respective squads, the Eagles and Commanders.

But Wentz’s anger over Hearts being drafted by the Eagles definitely foresaw what was to come in terms of potential young quarterbacks. Hurts has proven his worth as a starting quarterback in the NFL, especially in a recent game for the Eagles.

Wentz, on the other hand, has been something of a wanderer since being forced out of Philadelphia. With the Commander he has a chance to re-establish himself yes it’s team vs team offense vs defense but in another way you see this two of him side by side quality comparison is inevitable.

— Andrea Canales, Inquirer Sports Staff, @phillysport, sports.daily@inquirer.com.

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Even if Wentz didn’t mean to do so in his comments to reporters on Wednesday, let’s take a little trip down memory lane.

Columnist Marcus Hayes discusses the cost of Wentz’s forced departure of the Eagles and the impact it has had on the team. His former teammates may seem pretty indifferent about it now. Wentz and the Eagles might want to split up.

The Inquirer Eagles defeat reporters EJ Smith and Josh Tolentino to preview the team’s Week 3 game against the Washington Commanders and Carson Wentz.View in Inquirer.com/EaglesGameday

Are you ready to breathe out? Nothing is easy for this team, so some might hold their breath until the playoffs. It took ten innings and a 5-for-5 outing from Matt Biering, but the Phillies finally broke their five-game losing streak.

After bruising his knee in center field, Brandon Marsh was out of the lineup and Sam Coonrod was brought down to make room for Zach Wheeler.

Scott Roeber offers 12 thoughts on the Phillies team making it difficult to finally end the postseason drought.

Next: The Phillies start a four-game home series against the Braves on Thursday at 6:45 PM (FOX). Ranger Suarez (9-5, 3.53) will face Braves lefty Max Freed (13-6, 2.52).

The Flyers, under new coach John Tortorella, open what promises to be the toughest training camp of their lives today.

In that vein, before the Flyers’ first day at the team’s training center in Voorhees, we asked Olivia Reiner and Giana Han to tackle four pressing questions.

With camp just around the corner, the team has hired three employees and announced that two employees who recently filed a lawsuit against Comcast Spectacor will remain on the team.

“We care about the communities in which we live and work.”

That was the key point Inquirer reporter Gina Mizell took from a conversation between 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey and former NBA player Shane Battier.

For Battier and Morey, the evening was an opportunity to “prepare for life” college-bound students.

Philadelphia’s sports legends have won the Wanamaker Award in the past, so it’s no surprise Union goaltender Andre Blake is the latest athlete to receive the prestigious award.

Blake helped Union reach the MLS playoffs again, but Union II (yes, that’s the name of the Reserve League team) also made the MLS Next League playoffs.

Longtime football fans often turned to Univision for the big games, but now the TV giant is all-in on the streaming platform.

The World Cup is coming to Philadelphia in 2026! OK, you may already know that, but Jonathan Tannenwald has details of some new plans the city has to welcome the world.

he commits: Temple Basketball has its first commitment in the Aaron McKee era.

The unity they play: Drexel women’s soccer faces all opponents in unity.

Golden Memories: In honor of her twins, one field hockey player has launched a fundraiser to fight cancer.

Tell us who you think we missed. Top 50 list.

Great job – hard to find fault with most of this list. That said…

If you have Ross Lonsbury, why can’t you have Mel Bridgeman?

Both have been flyers for over six years, but Bridgman’s average is slightly higher. His six years of points tally and the few years he was captain. Sure, he wasn’t part of a Cup-winning team, but Lonsbury isn’t the reason the Flyers won his two Cups.

Bob Kelly? I understand that rogues were part of the Flyers’ identity at the time, but I think Schultz is a good placeholder for all of them (and Clarke’s 1974 Game 2 overtime winner vs. Schultz was on the ice when he scored in Boston, which is arguably the most important goal). in the history of fryers). And Kelly’s points stats are nothing to get excited about.

I know he was only in the team for a few years (and was injured), but I would love to see a place for Sami Kapanen. Two images stand out: (1) Sami crawling out of Ice Games 6 vs. Toronto 2004; This completes his change of line and allows JR to score the series-ending overtime goal. (2) In the same playoffs, Sami was on the defensive due to injuries. How many forwards can play defense? Can Bob Kelly even slide backwards?

Honorable Mention:

Ian Laperriere – I think he only played a year but how can I not like a guy who blocks the puck with his face, then comes back late in the playoffs and immediately starts blocking the puck again Uka I remember Game 5 against Montreal. Every time Lappie blocked a shot, the fans went wild. He didn’t care about goals or statistics… he just wanted to win. — Eddie G.

Today’s newsletter was compiled with reports from Jonathan Tannenwald, EJ Smith, Marcus Hayes, Giana Hann, Olivia Reiner, Isabella Deermore, Matt Ryan, Melanie Heller, Scott Roeber, Alex Coffey, Gina Mizell, and Gustav Elvin. rice field.