Educational freedom is good for teachers too

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School Choice Advocate strives to provide students with access to the educational options that best suit their needs. Students benefit from better education when school choice is the law of the country.

But often forgotten in the school choice conversation are teachers who could benefit from expanded school choice. One of the ramifications of the School Choice Initiative is the growth of “educational entrepreneurship,” characterized by the creation of alternative education options such as private schools and micro-schools founded by former public school teachers.

The Kate Institute recently hosted a panel discussion with three former public school teachers who have retired to embark on new opportunities in the field of education. In exchange for public school teaching positions, they now work as founders of their own private schools, tutors, and advisors to micro-school startups. They represent many teachers who support school choice policies.

Recent Morning Consultant Questionnaire We found a high level of support for the various school choice programs. Education savings accounts, which allow parents to use a portion of the state’s education funds for various education-related expenses, were supported by 76% of teachers, including 73% of district school teachers. increase.

Teachers cite a variety of reasons for leaving the public school system, many of which are shared by parents. Teachers are fed up with low standards, “teach to test” mandates, and the divide between students who need extra support and those who don’t.

Frustration within the public school system often conflicts with the desire and passion to teach. Kimberly Brown, a former public school teacher and now a learning coach at Kypod, encourages frustrated educators to look for other options. [are] not lost. ”

In a recent report from Step Up for Students and EdChoice, organizations that help school choice, a special group of Florida education entrepreneurs left public schools to open private schools, micro schools, and home school co-ops within the state. , and emphasizes that it founded a learning pod. Their report, titled “Leave the Classroom and Start School,” describes her 10 education entrepreneurs in Florida who ditched their careers as public school teachers and found new educational opportunities in the state. spotlight on.

Because of the entrepreneurial spirit of these initiatives, one of the biggest obstacles facing teachers is financial constraints. Many cut their initial salary and benefits when transitioning, but their salaries improved over time. Despite these challenges, these teachers are content and happy with the transition from the public school system.

School selection policies are created with the well-being of students in mind, but they also have tremendous benefits for the entire community, including teachers.

Educational professionals benefit professionally from unique educational opportunities that are in high demand thanks to educational freedom across the country.