Henrico Leaders Glimpse on Construction of New Indoor Sports Center


HENRICO, Virginia (WWBT) – Construction crews are hard at work installing sloped panels to set up the structure for Henrico’s new indoor sports center at Virginia Center Commons.

Henrico leaders met at the construction site on Monday afternoon to give updates on the construction process and get a glimpse of the facility.

Construction crews install sloping panels into the structure of Henrico’s new indoor sports center.(Source | NBC12)

Henrico County Manager John Visorkas said:

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed a $50 million project by months. On October 13, 2020, county officials announced plans to move forward with the project.

This week, crews are using cranes to install 109 sloping panels, each weighing over 100,000 pounds. Panels set the structure for this center. Officials said the center has adaptable event spaces.

County leaders provide an update on the construction of a new indoor sports center.
County leaders provide an update on the construction of a new indoor sports center.(Source; NBC12 | NBC12)

“The entire building is approximately 185,000 square feet,” said Dennis Bickmeier, executive director of the Henrico Sports and Entertainment Authority. “We created this building to give us a lot of flexibility in what we can do.”

This includes over 115,000 square feet of space for 12 basketball or 24 volleyball courts, an arena with stadium seating, and 3,500 fixed seats.

“We can also expand to about 4,500 seats with floor seating for graduations, concerts and special events,” he said.

Officials also envision this space for graduations, concerts, and entertainment events.

“This design allows us to host different types of events at the same time,” says Bickmeier. “For example, you’re doing a concert in a small arena, but the sound he’s playing basketball on the other side of the wall.”

As the components of this project begin to form for a projected completion date of 2023, Henrico officials are also working on the first full-year venue calendar for 2024.

“We are just now in the process of introducing this facility to organizations like the Virginia High School League and to see if there will be an opportunity to bid on some of the VHSL events here as well,” Bickmeier said. said Mr.

Henrico leaders also believe this will provide more opportunities for the region, such as boosting sports tourism.

The crew installed tilt panels in Henrico's new sports and events center.
The crew installed tilt panels in Henrico’s new sports and events center.(Source; NBC12 | NBC12)

“In 2021, our county sports tournaments will generate nearly $60 million in economic impact. Because of this, we lost another $33 million in impact to our residents and communities,” Dan Schmidt said. He represents the Brooklands District with the Henrico County Board of Supervisors. “The sky is the limit for sports tourism here in Henrico. .”

Construction crews will continue installing the sloping panels until next week. On Monday, construction authorities hope to begin installing steel beams at the facility.

The center is scheduled to be completed in September 2023.