In the Library: Find Emmy Award-Winning Entertainment in the Library | Entertainment

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Looking for quality TV shows but can’t find them on your TV? Emmy-nominated and Emmy-winning TV shows can be found on DVD in your library, with new shows added all the time. increase.

ABC first season “Abbott Elementary School” was a hit on network TV last year. Nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, this Workplace his mockumentary features a group of underfunded Philadelphia public school teachers. Critics say it’s hilarious, empathetic to teachers, and intellectually critical of the educational system. Awarded. The series also received nominations in the categories of Best Actress (Quinta Branson) and Best Supporting Actor (Tyler Her James Williams), as well as her second nomination for Supporting Actress (Janel Her James). A Litchfield Library copy will arrive mid-October when the season is released on DVD, but you can get it on your holdlist now.

— Beth Cronk is the Meeker County Librarian for the Pioneerland Library System. She oversees Lichfield, Cosmos, Dussel and Grove City Libraries.