Jalen Hurts had a big night, Eagles make statement with easy win over Vikings


Jalen Hurts has seen football played on the big stage and has grown with each season.

He progressed through his career, first at the University of Alabama (where he was tapped by Tua Tagovailoa before his junior year) and then at the University of Oklahoma. He also progressed from his first to second season in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles have built the type of team around Hearts that can contend for division titles and beyond. They needed Hearts to fill his role.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Hearts has improved, with the help of a great cast around him. it was great.

After beating the Green Bay Packers in Week 1, everyone was talking about the Vikings. Maybe we should have talked more about the Eagles.

Jalen Hartz is the winning star

Hearts got off to a phenomenal start Monday night. He was 10-for-10 for 154 yards in his 8th of the second quarter when he threw his 53-yard touchdown to Kez Watkins. He also rushed for a touchdown, adding another in the second quarter.

Hearts were confident all night long. He made strong throws and repeated correct readings. Hearts’ running ability is a big part of his game, and on Monday night he added 57 rushing yards and his two rushings to his score. But for the Eagles to unlock the top level, he needed to develop as a passer in his third season. Across the two games, Hurts appear to be capable of both running and passing.

The Eagles boosted their quarterback by building around him, much like the Miami Dolphins did with Hearts’ old college teammate Tagovailoa. Equipped and traded for Alpha receiver AJ Brown. He had no excuses if the Eagles failed this season because Hearts didn’t play well enough.

Hearts have done a really good start to the season. The Vikings last week beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers before losing to the Hearts in Week 2.

Hearts appear to be taking another step in their third NFL season. It shouldn’t be such a big surprise.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was stellar against the Vikings in Week 2. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Eagles’ defense is also a big game

The Eagles’ defense received a lot of criticism after the Detroit Lions scored 35 points last week, but it seemed like an overreaction. Many of the Lions’ points came after the Eagles had a large lead. Too talented defensively to play like that all season.

It was shown against the Vikings. Justin Jefferson, arguably the best receiver in the NFL after a big run in Week 1, did very little on Monday night. Darius Sulei Jr., who made his two interceptions, had a great night with coverage against him. The Eagles paid special attention to Jefferson and made sure they weren’t beaten. Jefferson said he had 6 catches for 48 yards, but it looked even less than that.

The Eagles defense made big plays in their own half. In the third quarter, on the field his goal was blocked and punter/holder Alincipos made a great hustle his play, made a tackle and prevented a touchdown on the return. There was still a chance for the Vikings to return to the game. Shortly after, Kirk Cousins ​​threw an interception to Eagles defensive back Abonte Maddox.

The Eagles have a lot of exciting productions. Many have wondered if they’ll be quarterbacks, but there are no real weaknesses in the roster. What will happen to the Eagles this season if quarterbacks become strengths?