Leeford Village Episode 80: A Bit of Culture


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Previously in Leeford Village: A brawl broke out in a coach on the way to Weston, instigated by Steve Adams thrashing Suputra Singh. While resting by the roadside listening to the call of nature, my coach was stolen. Eventually, the Cross lads reach Weston, about to embark on a pub crawl before Jeremy Roberts reminds them that they are to meet Edward Palmer somewhere on the seaside. is.

“Look, lads. I think this is a bad job and better give up. Cody looks up and down the Esplanade again. ‘Edward could be anywhere.’

For the past 20 minutes, there have been general murmurs of agreement from a group of people who have been following Cody behind closed doors.

“This is a good drinking time,” says a clearly displeased Gary Carr.

Jack Simmons rubs his stomach.

“At this rate, we don’t have time to eat fish dishes.”

‘that’s it. he’s not here Zack, what was the name of that first pub? ”

Zach browses his list. “George and the Dragon”

He takes out his phone and taps the screen. he looks to the left.

“And luckily for us, it’s there!”

There is a collective cheer as the group makes their way to the pub.

Just as they are about to walk through the door, they hear a familiar voice in the distance.

‘hey there! Cody! Jeremy! David! ”

When the group turns around, they see a red-faced and gasping Edward Palmer running towards them. Seconds later, he’s leaning on Jeremy Roberts’ shoulder.

“Sorry I’m late,” Edwards gasps. He stands upright, gulping the sea breeze.

“We were just getting started, Edward,” said Gary, putting his hand on George’s door handle.

‘start? ‘ says Edward. “What do you want to start?”

Gary looks confused. “A pint here, a pint there.”

“And fish and chips,” says Jack.

Edward shakes his head. “Oh, no, no, no. You can do it anywhere. I’ve planned our day, and it certainly doesn’t involve a ton of alcohol.

‘What do you mean? ‘ asks Nick Allthorpe on behalf of others who have the same question in mind.

Edward smiles. Weston-Super-Mare, the original Latin word for “above the sea,” is a cultural feast. There is so much to see here.

‘like what? ‘ asks Simon suspiciously.

Edward takes a folder out of his briefcase and issues the man a piece of paper.

“Our itinerary. This time of year we will start by strolling through beautiful Grove Park. Then we will visit the museum.

Allen Gomez looked at Jason Owens and said, “Is he kidding?”

Edward continues. “Booked his tea for the afternoon in town, then…” Here, Ted his Coleman caught a squeak of excitement in Edwards’ voice.

He waits for a reaction from the group standing with his mouth open.

“I thought you’d like it,” says enthusiastic Edward. ‘Let’s go then. Please park first.

The group, astonished and unable to object, followed Edward in procession along the seaside.

Agnes arrives home. Her son Adam is dropping dough-dripping haddocks into the fryer.

“Hello, Mom. Is everything okay?” he asks.

Agnes lifts a basket of chips out of the oil, examines it, then places it back in the sizzling fat.

“It’s fine, love,” she says.

I’m out. Adam unties his tattered and dirty apron and throws it in a corner, a maneuver that usually elicits warnings from his mother.

‘you go. I will take over,” said his mother, much to Adam’s surprise.

He kisses Agnes on the cheek as he walks past her and out the door.

Agnes strokes her forehead. Adam. She hadn’t thought of Adam before. Adam now has a half-sister he doesn’t know about. She suddenly feels sick. She switches off the fryer and closes the sign on her door.

Edward’s belongings are strewn along the seaside, with Edward in front and striding briskly. He has Doug Taylor and Roy Cohen determined to accompany him on the front lines, intimidating them with the story of his life since moving to the Southwest.At the end of the line, Nigel Cleeve whispers to his Jason Owens in front of him.

“Don’t look around,” prompts Nigel. Jason quickly faces forward and backs up with his pace.

“Twenty steps and it’ll come off. I turn around and go back to George. Then I can tell Steve in front of me that I’m doing the same thing so we can By the time we get to the park, Edward will be alone and we’ll be having our first meal of the day.

Jason nodded, took a few more steps, and found himself behind a pillar.

hey steve. do not look back…”

As Women’s Day at The Cross draws to a close, Sally Coleman is collecting empty, half-empty, and still nearly full glasses from the table. Some have already gone home, but there are still groups sitting around the bar, nibbling on leftover food and the occasional drink. I don’t think so. Every time he gets up, Vera drags “Siddown Frankie Boy.” This is an instruction that Frank has been unable to follow all day, and it comes from such a formidable force. He leans back at the table wondering if there is a helpline he can call to get out of his situation. He’s well aware of the laws around holding people against their will, and he’s already pictured himself in court.

“Well, let me be clear, Mr. Watson,” the judge began, “were you, wholly against your will, bound to the cross most of the day?”

“How many attackers?”

“And what was the weapon used to keep you there? Guns. Knives, shackles?

“Well, Vera Cleave, Murdo.”

It never stands, he concluded.

Just as he began thinking about digging a tunnel under the carpet, the door was opened by Agnes Thornton, standing in a flood of tears. Vera greets her and shows her to the bar. Frank saw this as an opportunity and, with the speed of a young gazelle, jumped out of his seat, sprinted across the lounge, and pushed through the door into the parking lot. His cry, “Free!” You can hear it all over Leeford.

Back at the pub, Vera and the rest of the women are gathered around Agnes. Agnes tries to speak, but her sobs keep her from making sense.

“Come on, love me,” Sally says, taking charge. “Let’s go to the back room. I’ll turn on the kettle.”

At the entrance to Grove Park, Edward suddenly stopped. He wisely turns around to talk to the others, but nothing else is seen except for Doug and Roy, who look at each other and shrug.

“Well, come on! You do your best to give people a good time. This is how they reward you.”

“Maybe they’re still on their way,” says Doug. “So you walk very fast, Edward.”

Roy agrees that it is possible.

‘No. Unfortunately, my view of fun is not the same as most people’s. I have never been. No surprise they abandoned me.

Doug looks at Roy, Roy looks at Doug. Doug nods backwards and suggests they run away. Roy shakes his head.

Edwards looking into the distance.

“Well, Edward,” says Roy, “Doug and I are still here.

Doug, who doesn’t look like Edward, shakes his head violently.

“Oh Roy. Impressed. Do you really? Park, afternoon tea, and play?

“You too, Doug?” Edward asked with a wide smile on his face.

Doug coughs. ‘of course. i love you ‘

‘Amazing! ‘ Edward strides. “departure!”

The coach left Weston an hour later than scheduled, but the driver took pity on the passengers and greeted them cheerfully.

“Good time, lads?” he asks as he exits the carriageyard.

Loud cheers erupt from behind, men talking loudly for the first few miles, then quieting down, each recounting their memories of the day. Some are asleep, others are just looking out the window. Zack and Simon plug in their earbuds and are already in another world. Nigel and Allen are playing cards in the backseat.

“Do you do bridges, Al?” Nigel asks.

“I haven’t played in a while, but I’ll give it a try,” Allen mumbled.

Nigel shuffles the cards.

“But I need four. Doug Taylor is always into the game. I’ll ask him. Maybe someone else can join me. I’ll get Doug.”

Nigel walks the length of the coach, past sleepers, people watching windows and people listening to music. He gets to his front seat, where Cody is pushed against the window. Nigel frowns. He walks the length of the coach once more and looks carefully at each occupied seat. Then he steps back. Tap Cody on the shoulder. Cody wakes up with a jump.

“Cody,” Nigel said in a hoarse whisper.

Cody gets up. “I did a roll call. Wasn’t it me?

Nigel shakes his head. “You said or to that effect that you can’t be bothered.”

“He was with us, right?”

‘No. He must have been with Edward.

Nigel scans the seat. he shakes his head

“Nigel. I left it at Weston!”