M Corp Hires Veteran Technology Executive Bill Cody as Director of Sales for Professional Services

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Sacramento, California–(business wire) — M Corp has hired veteran salesman Bill Cody as Director of Sales for Professional Services. Cody has over 30 years of experience in his IT field, representing leading brands in hardware, software, services, security and cloud.

“Bill has a proven track record of success. “By focusing on data-driven outcomes rather than code-heavy legacy system upgrades, we are raising the paradigm that puts our clients on the brink of greatness.”

Cody has been in executive positions for over 30 years in the technology industry, building sales teams and representing some of the world’s most recognized brands including Symantec, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ServiceNow, Splunk, VMWare and Delphix. rice field. Much of his career has focused on California government, where he has worked on emerging and disruptive technologies and ways to deliver better outcomes to the public sector.

“We look forward to working with the M Corp team to deliver innovative products such as ReM Score and MissionNXT to help our clients succeed and forever change the way agencies approach complex digital service projects.” “I’m sorry,” said Cody. “After five years of providing technology solutions to state governments in the western United States, we are excited to refocus our attention on California.”

As Director of Sales for the Professional Services Division, Cody will lead new and existing client sales for the firm’s consulting practice. Founded almost 20 years ago, M Corp has earned respect in a highly competitive field among international companies. Senior Vice President Tom Larson leads the division, which has many long-time California government customers.

This spring, M Corp announced that its growing team of more than 200 employees formally formed a new division dedicated to innovative “as-a-service” products. The suite of solutions, including ReM Score, the company’s flagship readiness assessment product, is the result of his 19 years of experience in the modernization industry and research into what brings organizations closer to achieving their mission and what doesn’t. . and vision.

The recently launched MissionNXT allows programs to deliver custom digital services to voters without overseeing major projects, acquiring and managing data, or worrying about going over budget. It is a subscription-based service that frees program staff from the burden of manual data collection and allows them to focus on mission-based work.

M Corp argues that the industry is going through a period of disruption and requires a completely modern approach to power its customers’ modernization ambitions. The not-so-simple act of implementing a new system may look like progress from the outside, but it often fails to move the needle on an organization’s strategic agenda and instead ends up with technical debt. With the express intention of abandoning this model, M Corp’s new approach changes everything.