Naruto fandom is furious over salad drawn by Ikemoto from Boruto Chapter 73 cover


Because it leaks about bolt Chapter 73 was released a few days ago, but the fandom reaction has been mixed. The author of the manga, Ikemoto, made some questionable decisions regarding Sarada’s appearance.

The Uchiha girl appears as the cover character for this upcoming chapter, wearing a new outfit. The clothing Ikemoto chose for Sarada on the cover caused an uproar among the community, as many consider it an inappropriate choice of clothing. Keep reading to find out why fans are mad at Ikemoto.

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Salad’s problematic outfit bolt Ikemoto’s character design controversy resurfaces in Chapter 73

Fans have been complaining nonstop since Boruto Chapter 73 leaked (Image via Sportskeeda)

Some people don’t seem to understand why that dress is wrong. It would be nice if Sarada was the real kid who chose it, but she’s not an old man. If you were told to wear expensive clothes, it would just be creepy.

This also applies to the real world, and everyone should be comfortable with their clothing choices, but Sarada is not a real person. bolt Chapter 73.

Ikemoto’s Past Controversy

Fans compare Ikemoto's salad to Kishimoto's (Image via Sporskeeda)Hard to find fans happy with Bolt Chapter 73 cover (via image)Sarada's outfit in the anime is completely different (Image by Studio Pierrot)Let's hope Ikemoto learns his lesson this time (Image by Studio Pierrot)

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