Proposition 2 — Encourage Voting — Attract Both Supporters and Opposition

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GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Many in attendance applauded and cheered as soon as the state board of trustees unanimously voted to approve the expedite ballot proposal on Friday, September 9.

After a week of stalemate over language on additional proposals on Election Day voting on November 8, it was finally decided that it would be done.

“So we are very happy that Promote The Vote 2022 is Proposition 2,” said Sharon Dolente in a Zoom interview on Wednesday. “We know Michigan voters are truly supportive of protecting our voting rights and making elections safer.”

Drenthe, a senior adviser to the nonpartisan group Promote the Vote, said it was an amendment to the state constitution that would expand voting rights.

“Currently, the right to vote is not explicitly protected in the Michigan Constitution and Proposition 2 would change that,” Drenthe said. just make it work.”

Proposition 2 also allows nine days of advance in-person voting, she said. It will also expand access for military personnel and voters abroad, allowing ballots to be counted with an Election Day postmark.

“I would like to add one more thing. Another part that has received a lot of significant attention is the incorporation of a current and effective voter ID system into the Michigan Constitution,” Drenthe said. “So no one, no court, again, can tamper with it in the future by an elected official.”

But it’s the voter ID part that the Secure MI Vote group is concerned with, said Jeffrey Litten, its executive director.

“We want all legal voters to have the right to vote, but our problem is that this proposal hides many other things that would permanently change the Constitution.” Litten said in a Zoom interview Wednesday.

Liten said if the ID is used to buy alcohol or board a plane, it should be used for voting.

Specifically, the Legislative Initiation on the Secure MI Vote website states:

“Michigan Elections Code of 1954 PA 116, Commencement of Act Amending MCL 168.495, 523, 759, 759a, 759b, 761, 761b, 764b, 813, and addition of 168.523b, 760a, 946: Voter Registration; Require photo ID for voters; Require driver license, state ID, part of Social Security number or photo ID on absentee ballot application; Elections to tally votes that require IDs to be presented in person within days; Provide state-funded IDs to applicants in distress; Clerks drop or drop absentee ballots in person specifying the minimum time that must be received in a box; prohibiting officials from making absentee ballots available unless requested by voters; elections prohibiting contributions to funds.”

“Second most importantly, individuals such as millionaires, corporations, corporations, and special interest groups can donate as much money as possible to any individual, city employee, county employee, or other employee in the state. It doesn’t matter if Mark Zuckerberg gives as much money as he wants or Donald Trump or Betsy DeVos gives as much money as he wants,” Litten said. Money is opening the floodgates for all this situation.”

He said the nonpartisan group formed in 2021 is also concerned about incarcerated felons getting a chance to vote. I believe so.

Litten added that they also want to conduct elections safely. However, for Prop 2, I recommended reading between the lines.

“This proposal, that 100-word proposal, is made to shine and look good,” Litten said. “But these are the things that are hidden there that can potentially cause problems, call results into question, and undermine confidence in the electoral system.”