Sen. Marshall, Sen. Koons Introduce Small Business Career and Technical Education Assistance Act

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(Washington DC, September 19, 2022) – Today, US Senators Roger Marshall (MD) and Chris Coons (D-DE) Supporting Small Business Career and Technical Education Laws, a bipartisan law to help small businesses hire new employees and support ambitious entrepreneurs. Specifically, the bill directs the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the Women’s Business Center (WBC) to help small businesses hire graduates from Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. The bill also gives the CTE graduate access to her SBDC and WBC resources to help start a small business.

“I have been managing Great Bend Regional Hospital for many years and I understand how difficult it is to have enough employees on the team to keep up with demand. We often hear people struggle to access trade services, and part of the problem is that there aren’t enough people with the skills to provide these services.” Senator Marshall said“Senator Kuhn and I are offering a bipartisan solution in this bill that will help CTE graduates find jobs in small businesses in areas where trade skills are needed. If you don’t have a business, our bill will help CTE start and graduate yourself.

“Small businesses in Delaware are hungry to hire workers with specialized skills, whether in healthcare, construction or engineering. It will help bridge the gap between these companies and ensure that students at career and technical education institutions are trained to fill these high-paying jobs and get the opportunities they deserve.” Senator Koons said. “I am proud to work with my colleagues across the aisle to help Delawareans and workers across the country make the most of their careers.”

bipartisan Supporting Small Business Career and Technical Education Laws The bill introduced by Senators Marshall and Coons is a companion in the Senate to a bill introduced in the House by Rep. Roger Williams (TX-25).

“I am proud that Sen. Koons and Sen. Marshall have introduced Senate Companions to the Small Business Support Act and the Careers and Technical Education Act.” Congressman Williams said. “Skilled workers make a huge contribution to the economy, providing the vital services that Americans rely on every day. This measure will encourage more young people to pursue valuable CTE occupations. and help graduates one day translate their skills into their own small businesses.I look forward to working with both senators to get this bill to the President’s desk and into law. ”

you can click here To read the full text of Supporting Small Business Career and Technical Education Laws.


A shortage of skilled workers is causing employment gaps in several industries. for example, latest data According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, there were 393,000 job openings in the construction industry in July 2022. This is a 7.9% increase compared to July 2021. These jobs include electricians, carpenters, plumbers, plumbers and steam workers. Adding to this problem, 41% of the workforce in this industry is expected to retire by his 2031, according to the Associated General Contractors of America.

Labor shortages in these areas continue across the country, causing delays in project completion for large commercial buildings, small business improvements, and residential projects.