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SHANGHAI, CHINA, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Shanghai Siba Culture Media Group, rebranded as the new Meta48 Holdings Ltd in June, represents SNH48 Group, the world’s largest youth idol girl group. . is rethinking itself and the future of entertainment as it celebrates its 10th anniversary.

As Meta48 Holdings Ltd., the Chinese company is shifting its focus to Web 3.0 and XR Internet while developing an open Metaverse for its users. The goal is idol training. Virtual Hub provides a platform and growth system for real and virtual idols and idol groups. The new social metaverse facilitates interactions across entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and consumption categories.

In a reorganization and rebranding, the media group plans to combine original business value with the goals of the digital metaverse. From fan entertainment to visual entertainment to new brand consumption, Shanghai Siba’s long-standing integration of values ​​remains unchanged as we step into this new digital frontier.

Meta48 believes in becoming a globally innovative group of companies that combines an appreciation for technology with entertainment-based content creation and social interaction. Its planned meta-universe represents real value for its users, providing a connected and interactive environment for all who participate in its creative process.

SNH48, a popular girl group represented by Shiba, takes pride in being the first O2O group to operate under the concept of “process is a product”. With the increasingly immersive trend permeating the Chinese entertainment industry, the adoption of Web 3.0 and XR Internet has enabled an era of tremendous engagement and change. With the launch of Meta48, fan participation ushers in a shift to greater consumer co-creation, where real-world visuals interact with his XR internet-based virtual and real experiences. For example, the user-built unit of this company, the Seine, will move from content creation with users to asset and value creation with users across Meta48.

Meta48 provides an immersive and interactive social platform, providing co-creative opportunities for idol development among fans in this community. Core assets include virtual landscapes, virtual theaters, and real estate.

The current system’s offline theater development model is based on engagement and physical proximity. Reflected in Meta48’s Metaverse model, the system will provide users with new immersive experiences through daily virtual theater performances and large-scale concerts. The platform also enables handshake events, sporting events, fashion events, and other virtual interaction programs for fans at the Meta48 Virtual Theater. These experiences are enhanced by idols and avatars through XR and VR technology.

Connectivity has become simple and systematic thanks to the integration of the existing theater model with the Metaverse’s growing system and accompanying technology. This digitization also provides a great opportunity for digital citizens and virtual idols to become part of a cultivation platform that promises exciting industry growth and transformation.

The Meta48 platform is based on a variety of digital and virtual assets and trading mechanisms designed to make assets more accessible to users. Embedded markets provide a direct exchange system for these assets. Enabled by Web 3.0 frameworks, this space also facilitates users to consolidate their personal digital collections that can be created and manipulated across virtual markets.

To achieve the goal of rebranding as Meta48, the complete virtual universe will include a virtual city and various social features and attractions for users. In this way, Meta48 has played a role in redefining China’s entertainment industry for the new digital age. This includes improved interactivity through technology.

About Shanghai Sima Cultural Media Group

Shanghai Siba Culture Media Group is a major player in China’s entertainment industry currently transitioning to an open and immersive social metaverse. The holding company has been rebranded to his Meta48 to accommodate idle development while delivering virtual missions, assets and elements over the Web 3.0 and XR Internet.

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