Trump supporters have a 'salute' and have been compared to Nazis

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In yet another troubling development about former President Donald Trump and his supporters, controversial Republican supporters appear to be doing their own ‘salute’ — and it’s as bad as it sounds .

Footage from Trump’s latest “Save America” ​​rally in Ohio on Saturday shows people in the crowd with index fingers up and right arms up.

Of course, it was the actual Nazis who last popularized a political salute involving a group of people raising their right arm.

Radio host Dean Obeidala shared the clip online “This is actual footage of his rally where Trump played music under what sounded like a prayer to the devil and the crowd responded to Trump with a one-armed salute.

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“This is fascism on the American mainland.”

Others have also expressed caution with the gesture.

The salute has been reported as a potential reference to an unsubstantiated QAnon conspiracy theory. This has to do with the unsubstantiated idea that Trump is at war with America’s elite Satanic pedophiles. In 2019 he was declared a domestic terrorist threat by the FBI.

Away from the potential QAnon salute, some suggest a much better one-finger alternative to the ex-Potus:

In addition to saluting new york times Trump rallies allegedly played music similar to the theme song of a far-right conspiracy group.

It’s an instrumental track called ‘Wwg1wga’, which stands for ‘where we go one, we go all’.

Reports further fuel the notion that Trump is willing to embrace the QAnon conspiracy theory. Trump reposted a picture of himself wearing his Q pin on his Truth Social platform on Tuesday, accompanied by the slogan “Storm is coming.”

The tagline refers to the belief that Trump will regain power and all dissenters will be tried and possibly executed on live television.

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