Who killed an elderly couple at their Lake Oconee home, and could new technology help solve the unsolved case? – WSB-TV Channel 2

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Putnam County, Georgia — The murder of an elderly couple in the quiet community of Lake Oconee eight years ago has captivated the nation, with no apparent motive.

Karyn Greer on Channel 2 Revisiting the crime scene with the sheriff determined to solve the case, she learns that new technology may help solve the case.

In May 2014, the bodies of Russell Durmond, 88, and his wife, Shirley, 87, were found behind the gates of an upscale neighborhood.

Putnam County Sheriff Phil Sills told Greer, “Her body washed up on one of the treetops about eight inches below the surface.”

Sills helped Greer follow the killer’s trail from Durmond’s house (now sold) to the middle of a scenic lake.

“The decapitated body of Russell Darmond was found in a garage, and about 10 days later his wife Shirley Durmond was found. Her body surfaced in Lake Oconee, about 5.5 miles from her home. “We couldn’t find Ms. Durmond’s head. She was anchored, or at least about to be anchored, to the bottom by two cement blocks,” Sills said.

Could someone have put her body in a boat and dumped it in the lake without anyone seeing it? I hope to be able to know

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“We did some geotracking and it came back with information that the FBI put into their software program. And there are boxes that people who were in the area at the time have in my office. They said they were at Durmond’s house.” I’m not saying, and we’re working on it right now,” Sills said. But it took me three days to find out.”

Crime scene investigator Cheryl McCallum also offers to help Sills conduct some new DNA tests on the recovered items.

“Have you tested the towels for that person’s DNA?” McCallum asked Sills.

“All of that went to the Georgia Crime Institute.

“Does this keep you up at night sometimes?” Greer asked Sills.

“Oh, sure. This is my albatross,” Sills told Greer. And I couldn’t work it out… It’s not fun, but whoever knows and whoever did this would do anything in terms of murder, so this kind of interview is the final one. We hope that someone will call us in the future,” Sills said.

The Sheriff will bring the killer or murderers to justice if those who have pledged to help the Reward Fund are still on board, and to provide a sense of closure to the Darmons family, for arrest and conviction in this case. will be offered $45,000.

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