Why I Joined the Ontario Education Workers General Commission: Outsourced by Public School Teachers


of World Socialist website I received the following letter from an Ontario public school teacher explaining why she decided to join the recently established Ontario Education Workers General Commission (OEWRFC).

On February 21, 2020, nearly 200,000 Ontario teachers took part in a powerful one-day statewide strike against Ford’s government’s demands for budget cuts and concessional contracts. Suspend all future work action and impose sales contracts. [Photo: WSWS]

OEWRFC was founded last month by teachers, caretakers and educational assistants to mobilize all education workers across the state in a union-independent political struggle to end the COVID-19 pandemic and defend public education. it was done.can read OEWRFC Founding StatementClick here to contact the committee. ontedrfc@gmail.com.


dear workers,