Wolf Administration honors 10 schools for their commitment to environmental sustainability

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania Department of Education, Environmental Conservation, and Conservation and Natural Resources honored ten U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools (ED-GRS) throughout Pennsylvania for their commitment to environmental sustainability.

“Green Ribbon Schools in Pennsylvania is committed to raising environmental awareness in the classroom, teaching students and communities about our collective responsibility to protect the environment,” said Acting Secretary of Education Eric Haggerty. “This mission is interconnected and we applaud these schools for helping students become active participants in environmental sustainability practices and raising awareness about the world around them.”

The Springford, Pennsylvania Area School District and the University of Shippensburg have been recognized as 2022 ED-GRS schools, and the 2019, 2020 and 2021 winners were also recognized in the first in-person ceremony since the pandemic. These schools are also accredited through the federal Pathways to Green Schools program.

“These schools are teaching the next generation to be stewards of the environment and protect our natural resources and public health,” said Acting DEP Secretary Ramez Ziadeh. “Energy savings, waste reduction and money savings are all interrelated and these schools set an example for others to follow.”

Since 2011, the ED-GRS program has supported schools, districts, and high schools nationwide committed to reducing environmental impact and costs, improving school health and wellness, and providing environmental education to students. Nominate an educational institution.

“Our goal is to ensure that all Pennsylvania schools are healthy and environmentally friendly places to learn and work,” said DCNR Deputy Commissioner for Administration Michael Walsh. “Connecting with nature and spending time outdoors is an important part of the educational experience and a necessary one for every child. We congratulate the schools that have been honored today and encourage educators and students across the Commonwealth to work towards a more sustainable future.” I encourage you to pave the way for

Winners demonstrate progress in the following areas: Reduce environmental impacts such as waste, water, greenhouse gases and transportation. Consider air quality, lighting, thermal comfort, school nutrition, and outdoor physical activity to improve health and wellness. Deliver effective environmental and sustainability education with a focus on hands-on, real-world learning, civic engagement, STEM connectivity, and green career readiness.

The 2022-23 applications for both the ED-GRS program and the PA Pathways to Green School nomination cycle begin today. All applications, along with all supporting materials, must be submitted online to his PDE by 6:00 pm on Thursday, January 12, 2023.

For more information about US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools, visit the US Department of Education website.

Media Contact: Casey Smith, PDE, casesmith@pa.gov; Wesley Robinson, DCNR, werobinson@pa.gov; Neil Shader, DEP, nshader@pa.gov

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