Women's sports in the Northwest are the best in the nation, Big Ten


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Northwestern field hockey players celebrate following the 2021 national championships. The Wildcats are currently ranked #1.

Field hockey was a foreign concept to me when I arrived in Northwestern from Florida.Only a handful of schools in Florida sponsor the sport, and the sport is known for its roots in the Northeastern United States

Two years later, I wouldn’t call myself a field hockey expert. But I’ve grown to love spending time on Lakeside Field, watching the Wildcats gallop across the field, hit powerful shots, and make magic happen.

Field hockey wasn’t the only program I was obsessed with while in Evanston. The Daily covered games at Welsh Ryan Arena, Lakeside Field and Martin Stadium. And most of the time I create these treks to cover women’s sporting events.

At first, it was familiar. I played lacrosse and ran cross country in high school, so it felt natural to write about them. . Each time I learn something new and my appreciation for college sports deepens.

All of these programs share one common denominator: historic success, along with several women’s teams I didn’t mention. Lacrosse has won seven national championships. Softball has appeared in her six Women’s College World Series. After several successful seasons, Field her hockey won its first national title last fall. Many other programs have won big ten and national levels.

This fall is no exception. There are now two of her ranked women’s teams on campus. In field hockey she is 1st and in women’s soccer she is 9th. Additionally, volleyball has won votes in national polls, and cross-country ranks him fourth in the Midwest region. .

Yes, it’s generally more fun to write about teams that win than teams that lose. But it’s also fun to cover these programs because of the exciting stories, the talent of the student-athletes, and the fact that you learn so much each time you follow from the press box or the stands.

There’s never been a better time than this quarter to start supporting women’s sports at NU. With so many programs at the turn of the season, there is virtually always a game going on. In Evanston this weekend, field hockey kicks off Friday with Iowa and the Big Ten before taking on Richmond on Sunday. If you want to enjoy some away games, women’s soccer takes on Minnesota on Sunday, while volleyball takes on Wisconsin and Illinois on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

Even if you have other plans this weekend, we encourage you to keep up with NU Women’s Sports over the next few months. Whether you’re watching field hockey’s Bente Bakers score seemingly impossible goals at Lakeside Field or volleyballers Temi Thomas and Ailara score powerful kills at Wales Ryan Arena, the country’s most inspiring players or a front row seat for your team.

As we celebrate Title IX’s 50th anniversary in 2022, it’s a perfect fit to elevate NU’s talented sorority-athletes. NU has done a great job investing in women’s sports. Now it’s our turn to take advantage of world-class athletics on campus.

Catch a game, follow us on Twitter, and read The Daily’s coverage of women’s sports at NU. We’ll be in the game and providing minute-by-minute daily coverage.

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