19 Best Post-Christmas Sales and Deals (2022): Vacuums, Phones, and Board Games

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If you received some gift cards over the holidays or you’re still shopping for gifts for the people you’ll see later in the year, post-Christmas sales offer plenty of opportunities to stretch your dollars. We’ve rounded up our favorite discounts below. Many of these sales will be extended over a few days, but buying early usually ensures the best availability.

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technology offers

Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Photography: Google

The Pixel 6 Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends) has been on sale for a while, but the price has never dropped that low. Consider the latest Pixel 7 Pro first, but you’ll save hundreds on the 2021 model, which has an excellent 4X optical zoom camera, a 120Hz screen refresh rate, and a battery big enough to last more than a full day. on average use.

Don’t want to spend that much? The long-running deal on the Pixel 6A (8/10, WIRED recommends) is finally up, but it’s still $368 off ($81 off). Read more about these devices and their differences in our Best Google Pixel Phones guide.

This is one of the best prices we’ve seen for our favorite vacuum cleaner. The Roborock Q5+ (9/10, WIRED recommendations) cleans reliably and quietly. Battery life is great and the little robot will automatically return to the dock when it needs to charge or empty its trash can.

This is our favorite wireless gaming mouse. Not just because it has a USB-C dongle that lets you plug it into just about any modern device, but also because it’s comfortable, really responsive, and not cluttered with too many buttons.

Square Off Pro

Photography: Square Off

Want to play chess but never have anyone to play with? This chessboard is the answer. You can connect Square Off Pro to the Square Off app via Bluetooth, then connect your Chess.com or Lichess.org accounts to play against opponents from around the world. The pieces don’t move by themselves, but you’ll see the moves they make through LEDs on the board and you can move the pieces into those positions.

As you’ll notice in our Best Apple Watch guide, the Series 7 is still totally fine to buy, even though it’s a 2021 model. Just make sure you don’t pay prices close to the latest Series 8, which retails for $499 for the cell model. Well, you’re in luck. The Series 7 cellphone (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a great smartwatch, especially if you want to stay connected to the internet when your iPhone isn’t around. Remember to factor your monthly data charge into your purchasing decision.

This is an older model, but we still like the Garmin Instinct Solar (8/10, WIRED recommends). It automatically recharges when you’re out in the sun, which means the battery can last up to a week on a single charge. In addition to built-in GPS, it also has a wide range of metric tracking features. We don’t love the bulky design, but if a big watch doesn’t bother you, this deal is a good way to save some money. Our guide to the best Garmin watches can help you decide.

Logitech G915

Photography: Logitech

If you spend a lot of time in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Blender or other creative applications, this is a great keyboard. The keys are raised and offer excellent haptic feedback, and you can plug in the USB-C dongle for a reliable connection. What makes it special are the macro keys on the left side of the frame. With Logitech’s software, you can program these keys to trigger custom shortcuts or even run scripts.

If you spend a lot of time on a motorcycle, it’s worth upgrading to a Bluetooth headset instead of the standard wireless headphones. This Freecom model has a nice scroll wheel that makes it easy to operate with motorcycle gloves. Best of all, you can connect them to other Cardo headphones so you can chat with your friends while driving (up to half a mile away).

We like Nova Launcher, just like the rest of the internet. It’s a good way to organize your Android smartphone and customize your home screen. If you got a new tablet or phone as a holiday gift and you’ve been wanting to check it out, this sale price is usually one of the best we tend to see all year.

Deals on everything else

Detect Dyson V12

Photography: Dyson

The Dyson V12 (8/10, WIRED recommends) fires a green laser at its base to help you see tiny dust particles you’d otherwise miss. Like most Dyson vacuums, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, it’s easy to clean and you can even remove the battery. This is one of the best deals we’ve seen on it.

This sale happens twice a year and usually offers the best prices you’ll find on Bath & Body Works products. Some selection highlights include 50% off soaps and hand sanitizers, plus body care on sale starting at $4. Shipping adds $7, but you can select free in-store pickup depending on your your location.

There are hundreds of items to choose from in this sale, with discounts ranging up to half the regular price of a product. The selection includes many styles of LL Bean’s iconic duck boots, which tend to be expensive and often go undiscounted. (This particular style is not for sale, but we recently published a love letter detailing why LL Bean duck boots are amazing.)

Bonavita Gooseneck Electric Kettle.

Photography: Amazon

This kettle is recommended in our Best Dorm Gear guide and as a less expensive alternative to our favorite electric kettle. It usually costs at least $100. It is reliable and has a gooseneck spout for accurate pouring. Added bonus: electric kettles don’t wake up the whole house with a high-pitched screech when the water boils. Amazon Prime members get free shipping on Woot.

Prime members can save on two-month subscriptions to several premium streaming channels, including Showtime, AMC+, Paramount+, Starz, Cinemax and more. These services usually cost between $7 and $11 a month, so you save money no matter what you choose. Just be sure to set a reminder to avoid auto-renewal if you don’t want subsequent charges after your trials end.

The holidays are over, but the kids still have a few days to go a little crazy. Restock the family’s game closet with this sale and save on classics like Uno, Jenga, Candy Land and many more. Add two items to your cart and the cheapest one will drop even more in price.

tentree parka

Photography: Tentree

Tentree sleepwear is comfortable and sustainably made. The brand is carbon neutral and highlights in-depth notes in its materials, but our favorite part is the free tree planting. Each item sold comes with a code. Rescue him and the brand will plant 10 trees in his honor. We like everything we’ve tested from the brand, but if you’re not sure where to start, check out the men’s Atlas Sweatpants and the Highline Wool Crew Sweater. They are soft and flattering, and the shape holds throughout the day.

AmazonBasics products are generally reliable (YMMV) and extremely varied. Private label can be found on everything from bedbugs to charging cables and devices. Maybe you need a bed frame or some new dishes. This sale features both, plus several more product pages to read. Prices start at around two dollars.

Girlfriend Collective Recycled Beanie.

Photography: Collective Girlfriend

This is one of the best gifts for people who are always cold. The beanie is extremely soft and warm, and is also sustainably made. We also like other gear from Girlfriend Collective. All of these are on sale for at least 30% off thanks to the brand’s Boxing Day sale. Simply add items to your cart to see the discount reflected during checkout. You’ll get a bigger percentage off if you spend more – 40% off orders over $200 and 50% off orders over $300.

Lush makes sustainable, scented beauty and body care products. Their offerings are often expensive and don’t come up for sale very often. This Boxing Day sale is an opportunity to save half off the regular price on all kinds of goodies, including an assortment of the brand’s popular bath bombs.