Dalton Risner and Brett Rypien break bread after the Broncos fight

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Risner: “The crazy thing nobody is writing about is that 2 minutes later Brett and I hug and talk for about a minute because we’re brothers.”

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado — Guess who had breakfast together Monday morning in the Broncos’ team mess hall?

Dalton Risner and Brett Rypien🇧🇷

This is after they exchanged text messages on Sunday night. We are fine? Sure, we’re fine.

“Now, did I handle this right?” Risner said Monday in an interview with 9NEWS. “Should I have pushed Brett away from me? No, I shouldn’t have. But emotions were running high. We’re both trying to do what’s best for our teammates. I’m trying to be there for my O-Line and Brett is trying to be there for the quarterback and it’s just an emotional moment.

“I was amazed at how everyone ran with how we are against each other and we lost the team. Brett and I, the crazy thing that nobody is writing about is that 2 minutes later, Brett and I hug and talk for about a minute because we’re brothers and we’ve been talking ever since. We understand that we’re competitors and we get frustrated and we want to be better. It’s because we care and we want to be better.

“It’s so hard it’s turned into this losing the locker room and we don’t care thing. No, Brett and I are in this conversation because we both care so much. Minutes after we hug, we’re clearing the air and we’re rocking n roll. We respect each other a lot.”

It was Christmas Sunday late in the third quarter, the Broncos trailing 34-6 and quarterback Russell Wilson, who had already thrown three interceptions by then, had been sacked on back-to-back plays for a three-and-out. Ba Humbug. Back on the sideline after a punt, Rypien, the backup quarterback, came to the defense of his beleaguered, beaten, and beleaguered fellow halfback. Rypien walked over to where the offense was brewing and said something that disturbed Risner.

Rypien said something to the effect that the offensive line has to help Wilson after he’s taken down. Risner later admitted that he misheard Rypien, believing the quarterback said something along the lines of “stop giving up sacks”.

Risner got angry and he and Rypien got into a heated argument in front of the camera, while a fan’s cell phone caught Risner using his left hand to push Rypien back. This brought out running back Latavius ​​Murray, who stopped Risner with a one-handed push.

At that point, Risner calmed down, as Cam Fleming stepped in to help hold up his blocking teammate as rookie Montrell Washington got in front of Rypien.

“I’m not mad that (the video) came out,” Risner said. “Because I have nothing to hide. I’m not going to hide the frustration on the sidelines when we’re down 51-14. This football is not for softies. This is a tough sport. You work hard to succeed and when you don’t , the frustrations will explode. What would you think if everyone was sitting on the sidelines not caring? To me, we care. This was unacceptable.

The truth is, verbal fights between teammates happen more often than people think. They happen on good teams too. Teams that are winning the game. The push was a little extreme, but as Risner suggested, the makeup hugs didn’t have the same effect. What happened was that the confusion was seen as a symptom of everything that was wrong with the Broncos. They’re 4-11 in part because, you see, they’re not together. Add in outside linebacker Randy Gregory losing his cool with two unsportsmanlike penalties and a postgame haymaker on an opponent and the Risner-Rypien switch manifested itself in a narrative that this is a leaderless, undisciplined team.

And while so many unfortunate events and losses conspired to cause team owner Greg Penner to fire head coach Nathaniel Hackett on Monday morning, Risner felt bad for being involved in an incident that was misinterpreted as dissension between the teams. troops.

“We sat down and had breakfast this morning,” Risner said of Rypien. “I have no problem assuming I shouldn’t have pushed Brett away from me. I shouldn’t have been mad. I don’t care about the situation, I know I have to be a better version of myself. I love the team. I love the coaches. I love the organization. I’ve been here four years. I grew up here (in Wiggins). I love this place. And that’s why it happens because I care a lot and guess what? Brett Rypien cares a lot too. What I thought when I woke up today was, yeah, I wish this hadn’t happened. Ryp even told me, I knew it wasn’t going to happen, we’d just have “We didn’t talk. I said, yes, but it happened because we both care. It’s sad that they captured Brett and I in our fight, but they didn’t capture us making up.”