Delta Air Lines Quietly Launches New Feature for Elite Status Passengers


Elite customers will be pleased with the new feature.

In 2022, several US airlines announced changes to their frequent flyer programs, and most of the changes did not sit well with customers. Jason Aten, technology columnist for Inc., reported today that Delta Air Lines rolled out the online update feature announced in October, months ahead of schedule.

early release

Two months ago, Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines announced changes to its SkyMiles frequent flyer program. Most of the announced changes did not please customers, but one of them, which took place in recent days, will make life a little easier for Platinum and Diamond Medallion members.


With all major US carriers, customers at the highest status levels with airlines receive upgrades when available. On Delta, Platinum and Diamond Medallion, customers have received multiple annual upgrade certificates. But the airline has made it difficult for customers to use their upgrade certificates by calling Delta. In October, the airline announced that in 2023 it would allow customers to use their upgrade certificates when booking online.

Delta’s elite passengers can now use their upgrade certificates online, as the feature was recently launched. Jason Aten noted that, in the past, calling Delta to use certificates was a terrible experience. He adds that most of the time there were problems issuing upgrades and that several calls had to be made with the airline to resolve the difficulties.

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Now that Delta has lived up to its word ahead of schedule, many of its passengers will no doubt sigh a sigh of relief.

Spend more to get more

In October, Delta announced that passengers would need to spend more to reach their high-tier status in 2023. Specifically, to reach Gold, Platinum or Diamond Medallion status, Delta requires an approximate 33% increase in spending. This increase means that to obtain Diamond Medallion status, customers will have to spend USD 20,000.

“These limited changes to the SkyMiles Program are a necessary step in preserving and improving the customer experience for our most loyal and engaged members. Since we last made changes to earning qualifications for various membership levels eight years ago, the travel and loyalty has changed We continue to invest in customers who invest in us, so those members experience the best Delta has to offer; with our new choice benefits, our premium and upgraded Delta Sky Clubs, and our expanding use of SkyMiles as currency throughout the trip.” – Dwight James, Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement and Loyalty and CEO of Delta Vacations

While the Atlanta-based operator announced that reaching high levels of status would be more difficult, it added that the perks its elite customers would receive would increase. Effective February 1, 2023, Delta Credit Cardholders can use statement credits on eligible Delta SkyMiles cards and have the option to grant their status to someone else.

Boeing 717 ATL from Delta Air Lines

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Are you a Delta frequent flyer? If so, what do you think of these changes? If not, are you a frequent flyer on another airline?

Source: Inc.

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