Johnny Depp allegedly sabotaging comeback with old habits

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One would think that Johnny Depp would be on his best behavior after his huge public trial earlier this year. But the actor is back to his previously reported professional peccadilloes on the set of his comeback project, Jeanne du Barry– formerly titled The favorite.

Actor Bernard Montiel shared rumors from the set of the upcoming film on French talk show Touche pas à mon poste! (Don’t touch my TV set!) in October, in a panel interview that has recently begun to circulate in the English-speaking media. The actor and commentator claimed that Depp and French director Maïwenn Le Besco, known by the mononym Maïwen, were at odds.

“I heard some noise during filming, very serious stuff,” Montiel said. “Then, [Depp is] an excellent actor, when he walks on the set, except at six in the morning, the crew is ready and nobody shows up. So of course Maïwenn, who is the director, gets mad and the next day she’s the one who doesn’t show up. And you have Johnny Depp, and she’s not there. It’s finished, throughout this week, [but] it’s going really, really bad. They don’t get along; they are yelling at each other the whole time.

Some may recall that Depp’s “constant tardiness” was among a series of alleged complaints from the crew of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, filmed in 2015 in Australia. According to a production dispatch from the The Hollywood Reporter in 2017, “sources close to the production report stories of excessive alcohol consumption, physical fights with [Depp’s ex-wife, Amber] Ear and constant delay on set, which often left hundreds of extras waiting for hours on end.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer – who, sources say THR🇧🇷 often found himself strategizing with other superiors in relation to Depp’s delay – he told the agency: “You have to understand the kind of pressure Johnny was under in Australia … Sometimes helicopters would follow him home. There would be so much media outside its gates that the trucks would feed them. There was so much made up about him: that Johnny had a fight on set and went back to the States, which we both read about while we were in his trailer.

Depp’s alleged chronic tardiness also came to light during his libel trial this year against Amber Heard. Tracey Jacobs, who testified that she worked as the actor’s agent for decades, said she explained to Depp that his constant tardiness and substance use were hurting his career. CNN quoted Jacobs as saying, “His star had dimmed due to difficulty getting him jobs, given the reputation he’d gotten due to his lateness and other things… People were talking and there were questions about his behavior.”

This summer, Depp claimed in an explosive libel trial that Heard had libeled him in 2018. washington post opinion article; although she did not mention him in the play, she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse”. The jury found Heard liable for more than $10 million in damages, but also awarded her $2 million, alleging that Depp’s former attorney Adam Waldman defamed her by incorrectly calling her allegations a “farce”.

Earlier this month, Heard announced that she had made the “very difficult decision to resolve” the case, instead of moving forward with her appeal; a source close to Depp told The Daily Beast at the time that Heard agreed to pay $1 million, a deal that prevented her from paying the full $10 million.

News of Depp’s latest film role broke in January – after he lost his libel suit against The sun editor News Group Newspapers in the UK over an article calling him a “woman beater” and ahead of the trial in Virginia this summer. Variety also have reported that Depp is set to play King Louis XV in the new film; director Maïwen, who is also an actress, will star as his latest lover, after whom the film is named. Variety also noted that, as a period piece, Jeanne du Barry is a new direction for Maïwenn, whose previous work – including DNA, Mon Roi, and politeness– were all contemporaries. Netflix must license the new film for digital distribution in France after its theatrical release. No North American release has been announced.