Kadyn Proctor explains why Iwa's commitment to Alabama changed

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At 7 am on Wednesday, two and a half hours before his signing ceremony at Southeast Polk High School, Kadyn Proctor met with his mother and stepfather at his home in Altona to discreetly, but officially take the next step in your career in football.

The letter of intent for Alabama arrived by mail on Tuesday. Proctor signed them, took some photos and sent some text messages to the members of the coaching staff to know that their commitment was closed.

“So I won’t lie, I went back to bed,” Proctor said with a smile.

Proctor could finally give a sigh of relief. The star of high school football, one of the most coveted players in the country, was now part of the Crimson Tide program. The signature, the photos and the symbolic ceremony that took place late in the morning in front of friends, family and teammates in the Southeast Polk auditorium ended a busy recruitment of the offensive star.