Southwest Airlines flight cancellations leave Christmas travelers stranded at Love Field

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There are a lot of frustrated travelers at Dallas Love Field and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Monday.

Many people who are trying to get home from a holiday trip are struggling to get flights back home after bad weather led to many canceled flights and out-of-position crews.

“When everything is out of control, it’s hectic and crazy and everyone is frustrated and angry with each other,” said Sarah Bryant, a stranded passenger.

The Bryant family was trying to get to Cancun on Spirit Airlines. The flight was canceled after they already checked the bags and went through security.

And they are not alone.

“I try to figure out where the flight is coming from. I can’t get an answer,” said Randy Rohmfeld.

“So I guess we go home and this was our son’s Christmas present,” said Michelle Rohmfeld.

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Airlines say the nationwide cancellations are largely due to the effects of the severe winter storm that has battered major cities from the Pacific Northwest to the east coast, grounding flights and putting planes and crews out of position.

Southwest Airlines was especially hard hit.

Flight tracking website FlightAware says that, as of 4:30 pm, 2,747 Southwest flights were canceled on Monday. This represents 67% of the day’s total flights.

At Love Field, there were 290 canceled flights on and off with 67 delays.

In the past two days, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines has canceled more flights than any other airline in the country.

On Sunday, Southwest Airlines canceled 20% of its flights from Love Field.

In the previous two days, Friday and Saturday, Southwest canceled about 30% of its flights.

Many passengers spent the night at the airport hoping that today would be better.

FOX 4 cameras captured people spending the night in the terminal and accumulating luggage.

“As long as we get there that’s all that matters, so let’s make the best of the situation,” said Susan Bryant.

At Love Field, passengers waited in line for about two hours to speak with someone at the Southwest Airlines counter.

“I get here and find out from the kiosk that I’ve been cancelled. Why didn’t they let me know before I was dropped off at this airport?” said Linda Burns.

The line at the Southwest Airlines baggage claim counter was even longer.

“They are trying their best here, but 4 hours is a bit too long.”

People said it felt like a treasure hunt trying to find your luggage among the masses.

“So the bags arrived, my son didn’t. But luckily I did and I managed to find them,” said Garrett Hindsley.

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FOX 4 spoke with a woman who is trying to move back to Southern California after taking a trip to Florida.

She was about to board an already delayed flight at 11pm.

“Suddenly, people started saying that the flight was cancelled. for my kids at Christmas,” said Priscilla Wright.

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Edmond Kincaid and his two sons slept in the terminal last night trying to catch a flight home to San Antonio. Now he’s giving up.

“I have to rent a car. They won’t give me any money. They’ll just reimburse me because there are no flights there,” Kincaid said.

Linda Burns was supposed to fly from Orlando to Love Field, but her flight was canceled on Christmas Eve.

She decided to rent a car rather than wait several days for the next available flight home.

“So we’re here now to get our luggage and go home.”

The president of the union representing Southwest Airlines flight attendants criticized the airline today.

Lynn Montgomery says the carrier has failed to modernize the technology.

Southwest Arlines says it is trying to rebook passengers as quickly as possible.

Southwest says those whose flights have been canceled can request a full refund or receive a flight credit, which doesn’t expire.