The Whale Writer Responds to Brendan Fraser Casting Controversy


The Whale writer Samuel D. Hunter responds to the Brendan Fraser casting controversy over the actor using prosthetics to play a 600-pound man.

Although the actor is receiving a lot of praise for his performance, The whale writer Samuel D. Hunter has some candid thoughts on the Brendan Fraser casting controversy. Based on Hunter’s play of the same name, Darren Aronofsky’s psychological drama revolves around Charlie, a 600-pound reclusive English teacher who tries to reconnect with his teenage daughter after leaving her and her mother for her gay lover, whose death led to his dangerous weight. gain. Fraser won acclaim for his performance as Charlie in The whalealthough one aspect was met with some division from critics and audiences alike.


In a recent interview with People to discuss the film’s wide release, The whale‘s Samuel D. Hunter responded to the Brendan Fraser casting controversy. The film’s playwright and co-writer recognized the “very terrible” depiction of obesity in other forms of cinema, but defended the film’s use of prosthetics for story intent. Here’s what Hunter explained next:

First, I think the obesity story, in relation to cinema, is terrible. These types of prosthetics have been used very inaccurately and to ridicule or mock people. Whereas what we’re doing is just trying to delve into the deep and complex humanity of this very beautiful and complicated human being. And I also think with this kind of thing… With plays, people don’t generally read a one-sentence synopsis and then judge based on that. But I think people do that more often with film. So yeah, I mean, I understand that people are going to have whatever reactions they have, but I just have to have faith in the story that I’m telling, which I think is based on empathy and love.

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Brendan Fraser’s Whale Casting Controversy Explained

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Most of the controversy over Fraser’s casting in The whale stems from his use of prosthetics and a fat suit to portray the actor as an obese 600-pound man. Many have argued that the use of such effects is a step backwards in the progress cinema has made in better portraying plus-sized people, with many also agreeing that it would have been better for Aronofsky to cast an actual obese person in the role. 🇧🇷 On the other hand, there were some who defended Fraser’s casting in The whaletaking a similar approach in his defense of Hunter by acknowledging the story’s intent and his use of prosthetics, which takes a more empathetic approach to such a character, rather than continuing the trend of negatively stigmatizing said characters.

Will the whale controversy affect his Oscar chances?


The big question on many audiences’ minds right now is whether The whaleThe casting controversy will affect the film’s Oscar chances in the new year. Aronofsky’s adaptation of Hunter’s play wouldn’t be the first film to enter the iconic awards show with some controversy surrounding it, with 2019’s green book being widely criticized for its white savior narrative in telling the story of jazz pianist Don Shirley, though it shocked everyone by bringing home the Best Picture statue. The past year has seen some division over Bohemian RhapsodyThe various Oscar nods, with many criticizing the film’s depiction of Freddie Mercury’s sexuality, actually demonizing the LGBTQ+ community, while also noting the various historical inaccuracies, making it a lackluster look at Queen’s history .

This year, memorably, Will Smith was criticized for his attack on Chris Rock on the Oscars stage after a joke made at his wife’s expense, although despite resigning from the Academy and being banned from attending the ceremony for 10 years, his acting in the slave drama emancipation is getting a lot of Oscar buzz. Considering that the awards always cause some controversy each year, it seems hard to believe that the split over Fraser’s casting in The whale it will hurt his or the film’s Oscar chances. Those eager to see what’s being hailed as Fraser’s comeback role can pick up The whale now in wide release in theaters.

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