Tory Lanez Defense Witness Identifies Him As Shooter

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Rapper Tory Lanez enters the courtroom with his bodyguard on Friday, December 16, 2022. (Photo by Meghann M. Cuniff/Law&Crime)

rapper by Tory Lanez defense witness himself identified him as a shooter in the night Stallion Megan Thee was shot, saying he was “shooting everywhere” – but that the flashes he saw originated from a woman.

“How many shots did you see the little guy fire when you said, ‘he was shooting everywhere? Alexandre Bott in cross-examination, referring to the 5-foot-3 Lanez.

“Four or five,” replied Sean Kellya Hollywood Hills home owner who called 911 to report a group beating a woman at around 4:25 am on July 12, 2020, after waking up to noises outside.

The commotion turned out to be a mess that became a major source of contention in the hip-hop world, and Kelly was a witness on Tuesday as the only eyewitness aside from Megan and her now-former friend. Kelsey Nicole Harris🇧🇷 The shooting injured Megan’s feet and surgeons removed bullet fragments from one foot while small pieces still remain inside each.

Kelly had been praised by Lanez’s lawyer George Mgdesyan as a key defense witness, and his initial testimony largely matched what Mgdesyan told jurors in his opening statement on December 12: Kelly saw a woman sitting where Harris was in the Escalade exit the vehicle and violently struggle with a woman in the passenger seat. front. He saw a flash and believes it originated from one of the women.

“They were pulling their hair and hitting each other. It was pretty violent,” Kelly said.

But Kelly’s testimony took a confusing turn as Kelly, who said he was traumatized at the time and more concerned about his son, also said the barrel flash occurred “at about the same time as the smaller individual got out of the car.” .

It was a clear reference to Lanez, and Kelly didn’t stop there, saying the man “left at that point, all screaming” and “I saw more flashes.” The driver, dressed in black clothing, got involved in the fight, and Kelly said that the short man “was very angry, he made a lot of noise”.

“I think I saw the girl shoot first,” Kelly said. But he emphasized that he didn’t know she had a gun at the time and “believed it was fireworks”.

“I said they were both shooting,” Kelly said.

Mgdesyan asked who was the first shooter.

“The girl,” Kelly said. But, “they were all fighting”, and the shorter guy “was pushing and fighting with the two girls”.

That’s when Mgdesyan asked Kelly, “Sir, did you see the shorter guy with a gun in his hand?” and Kelly replied, “Yes”.

Kelly said everyone started hitting one girl and “to me it looked like they were going to throw her in the river”.

“It sounded to me when I was on the phone that they were trying to kill her,” Kelly said.

He expanded on cross-examination, saying he saw the woman on the ground “kicking the whole time” after the shorter man “was, like I said, shooting”.

“She was crawling and stumbling on the road,” Kelly said. The short guy was yelling “just a torrent of insults,” though she also said she didn’t hear Lanez say “Dance, bitch,” like Megan said he did.

Bott asked Kelly what the little guy was saying, telling him, “There’s no censorship in court.”

Kelly, a white man with a British accent, responded: “It was just N words” and “m-fer” swear words.

“And this was directed at the victim?” Bott asked.

“All of them… He was going crazy. He was very agitated,” Kelly replied.

Still, he testified again: “I believe the girl fired the first shot.” He also said, “I see what appears to be the girl shooting at the car”, although the Escalade in question was not riddled with bullets when police pulled it over minutes later on Hollywood Boulevard. Kelly also said he was “not sure the girl was shooting a gun that night” and emphasized throughout his time on the witness stand that he never saw anyone with a gun.

“He was holding something that glowed and made a loud noise like a gun,” Kelly said.

Bott later complained to the judge David Herriford that after questioning Kelly, Mgdesyan told him, “Keep smiling and see what happens.”

Bott called the comment “highly inappropriate” and said Mgdesyan had been “conducting himself in an unprofessional manner” throughout the trial, including muttering under his breath. Mgdesyan called Bott “stupid” and “idiotic” – as well as something more offensive – during a discussion of Judge Herriford’s ruling. The judge declined Bott’s request to admonish Mgdesyan and instead proceeded to the jury’s instructions.

The main investigator of the case, the detective of the police of Los Angeles Ryan Stognertestified later in the day that Kelly “specifically said he didn’t know who was holding the gun”.

Stogner also spoke to Megan four days after the shooting, when she first reported that she had been shot after initially saying that she had stepped on glass.

Stogner said Megan didn’t specifically mention George Floyd, who had been murdered less than two months before the shooting. But “she mentioned something like ‘because the police were shooting black people,’ she was scared,” added Stogner.

The last witness on Tuesday was Randy Zepedaa LAPD criminologist whom prosecutors called to rebut Lanez’s DNA expert testimony.

Asked if he agrees with the expert’s testimony that five gunshots would leave DNA behind, Zepeda replied: “Yes and no.”

“There’s also the possibility that you won’t leave any behind,” Zepeda testified. Zepeda also said he disagrees with the defense expert’s testimony that one of the gun’s four DNA profiles has to be female.

One big question remains before closing arguments begin on Tuesday: Will Lanez testify?

Bott said on Tuesday that if he does, he plans to question him about a music video in which he is “butchering horse feet, clearly directed at Megan.” He was referring to the Lanez rap video CAP, which Megan lamented in her own deposition last week. Bott also referenced social media posts and a lyric that says Megan is lying. He also wants to ask him about an attack on love and hip hop Star Prince in Florida that Lanez settled shortly before the trial, and an alleged recent assault against the singer August Alsina🇧🇷

Mgdeysan said he objects to any questions about rap lyrics, citing recent case law in California, but Judge Herriford said anything related to this case is “fair game”.

“If your client testifies, I have to look at it on a case-by-case basis,” Herriford said.

Herriford is expected to ask Lanez on Wednesday morning if he will testify. Closing arguments will follow.

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