What We Learned From NFL Week 16

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Kansas City 24, Seahawks 10: Geno Smith spent all day in hell. Kansas City’s quick pass surrounded him for four quarters, generating a ton of inside pressure led by Chris Jones. When combined with the close, physical coverage style played by Kansas City, it was a tough sled for a Seahawks passing attack that would otherwise carry the team. For Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes’ ever-reliable connection to Travis Kelce worked its magic. Kelce caught six receptions for 113 yards, gaining just over half of the team’s total receiving yards for the day.

Beads 35, Bears 13: Few teams throw two interceptions and walk away with a 22-point victory anyway. The Bills are not most teams. Josh Allen was mostly good outside of some dumb plays, the kind of performance he can be prone to when nothing is really on the line. The Bills’ defense was the real reason for the team’s success, however. Bears quarterback Justin Fields had just seven carries for 11 yards, the first time he has been held below 50 yards since early October.

Ravens 17, Falcons 9: A rising Ravens defense held its own against tough Falcons play. The Falcons hit their running backs 33 times but only scored for 115 yards, about 3.5 yards per carry. The Ravens ran much better with the ball, gaining 5.4 yards per carry, and managed to control the pace of the game. Atlanta rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder led the offense into the red zone twice in the fourth quarter, but the first drive ended in downs and the second ended in a field goal that was too small, too late.

Panthers 37, Lions 23: The Lions needed to win this game to have a good chance in the playoffs, but they didn’t play urgently. From the first play, the Panthers’ ground attack slashed the Lions up and down the field. The Panthers finished with 320 rushing yards, 240 in the first half alone. The Panthers went into halftime with a 24-7 lead, and that was enough of a cushion to prevent the Lions’ comeback attempt.

Vikings 27, Giants 24: The Vikings came back to win in a game decided by one possession, extending their record to 11-0 in those games. This time, kicker Greg Joseph had to clear his career by a few yards, hitting a 61-yard drive as the clock ticked to zero. Quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​completed 71 percent of his passes, leaning heavily on Justin Jefferson and TJ Hockenson. Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had only his second 300-yard passing game, but a costly second-half interception from the Vikings’ 35-yard line was the difference between a win and a loss.

Santos 17, Browns 10: The match was played in 5 degree weather, but the team used to playing in a dome, Santos, emerged victorious. Thanks in large part to the conditions, it was a great Taysom Hill game. Hill had nine carries for 56 yards and one score, and he was on the field as bait during a handful of other plays. The Browns, traditionally a good rushing team, were not very successful running the ball, gaining less than 4 yards per carry and struggling to sustain a poor passing game.

Texans 19, Titans 14: It’s impressive that the Titans managed seven wins with a makeshift roster, but now injuries have fully caught up with them. With rookie quarterback Malik Willis filling in for the injured Ryan Tannehill, the Titans offense had little to offer outside of Derrick Henry’s 126 yards on 23 carries. Willis threw two interceptions and took four sacks, more than enough errors to give the Texans a chance to win. Davis Mills, while not very effective, did just enough with the short fields to earn the Texans only their second win of the year, both in the division.